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Tandem’s Day: Meeting after 6 months of mentoring

10.05.2017 / Created by WNMNR
Tandem’s Day: Meeting after 6 months of mentoring

Within the framework of the main mission of RFMN (Women’s Network for Mentoring/Networking), which supports professional development and economic empowerment of women, the Commission Monitoring and Evaluation of the Mentoring organized, on Saturday, 6th May 2017 in the Royal Institute for Amazigh Culture (IRCAM), a meeting session of the ongoing tandems (couple mentor/mentee) with the aim of evaluating and sharing.

The monitoring report was presented after 6 months of exchange with a focus on mentors and mentees’ engagement, the smooth running and the satisfaction of tandems. During the presentation, they reviewed the pending issues of the mentoring initiative and the things to be avoided.

At the meeting, the testimonies of mentors and mentees explained their relationships and they launched some proposals for improving tandems. “Despite the fact that my goal is purely professional, I’ve enjoyed the mentoring in terms of personal development and it was a very rewarding experience”, said one of the mentees. Another participant of the meeting, who was a mentor, claimed that it was “an interesting learning, being a mentor”.

The participants received a guide which summarizes all the necessary items for a “mentoring” relationship. The next meeting will address the close celebration of tandems in 3 months where members will be certified.


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