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Campaign for including female entrepreneurs in the official market in Libya

11.04.2017 / Created by (EMWF)
Campaign for including female entrepreneurs in the official market in Libya

In Libya, most of female-owned businesses and start-ups are not officially registered. Women often use social media and online-based outlets to promote their businesses in order to avoid government’s registration fees and the complicated tax system currently in place in Libya.  By staying in the shadow economy, women miss the chance of having access to different types of economic support, such as credits or loans that could help them have more sustainable and successful businesses and enterprises.  

Jusoor Center for Studies and Development (Jusoor) has started a campaign in Benghazi, Tripoli, Yefren and Sabha in order to encourage Libyan women to register their businesses officially. Through targeting the lawmakers and the government, Jusoor aims at raising their awareness on the importance of creating an adequate and gender-friendly business environment for women entrepreneurs, and promoting incentives in order to facilitate women’s inclusion in the economic growth.

With this perspective, Jusoor will prepare a research paper on unofficial female-owned businesses and start-ups and will hold focus group discussions with female unofficial business-owners in order to explore the challenges which they face.  Building up on the research’s findings, Jusoor will invite experts and relevant stakeholders to discuss recommendations for a decree facilitating the registration of women’s businesses and, afterwards Jusoor will advocate the recommendations’ adoption to the official authorities.    

All these activities will be disseminated in key media and social media outlets in Libya, in collaboration with different civil society organizations, and the Small and Medium Enterprises National Program.

This campaign is part of the CSO WINS project « Capacity building in Southern Mediterranean to open policy dialogue and monitoring for women in society »  funded by the European Union, in synergy with the action of the Foundation.

The campaign is coordinated by Jusoor in partnership with Gender Alternatives Foundation (GAF) as part of a peer-to-peer learning exchange.


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