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Gender Club in Upper Egypt

22.02.2017 / Created by المحور
Gender Club in Upper Egypt

El Mehwar Association is preparing to start the third step in Gender Club in Upper Egypt 2017, new places (Beni Souif ) besids Luxor- Asyuit- Minya in Upper Egypt. The participants learn how to facilitate the concepts of Gender Women's Empowement. They start from the end of TOT trainings as trainers. They will have good experiences and new personalities. They get important concepts, practical activities and new techniques. Participants train the activities and techniques within the Gender Working Groups (GWG) and they will plan for their own workshop by a competition between them in the end of the training. Involving men ELMEHWAR believes and understands gender equality as a women’s issue and not as something that fully engages men as well as women. However, men must be actively involved in supporting gender equality and also in addressing men’s specific interests and needs. As a result of the often women-centered approach of gender programs, men have largely been sidelined in the discussion and have often felt alienated by the sometimes confrontational approach taken by gender activism. Empowering women without also actively involving men can lead to increased tensions and conflict in families and communities. To transform unequal gender relations both men and women need to be involved. Equality between women and men must be seen both as a human rights issue and as a precondition for, and indicator of, sustainable development.

the training aime to : • Developing the relationship between male and female to support women in the society in Upper Egypt. • Developing our methods and activities to be more influential in our participants by using new techniques in workshops between male and female in workshops. • Raising their personal self-esteem and Presentation and negotiation skills. • Working about "communication"(how to connect each other) and collegial advice skills. • Learning how to build up a support system within the groups. • Reading about Women's Rights. our Target groups are • - Female and Male Social Workers and students. - Female Colleges graduate media and journalism - Female Members and Activities of National Council of Woman in Beni Souif - Upper Egypt. • Beside Alumni Universities in Upper Egypt, Alumni student's training 2015-2016 • From 18- 25 years ago • We will nominate the trainee according to her application which reflect her interest in this idea and the program.


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