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Launch of the 2nd cycle of Local Clusters of gender equality actors

09.12.2016 / Created by (EMWF)
Launch of the 2nd cycle of Local Clusters of gender equality actors

Every year, 7 local clusters are being formed in 7 countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia), each around a leading association aiming at creating networking dynamics and carrying out researches related to specific equality topic. The leading associations have been identified following a call for applications, and their researches focus on specific territory (town or a region).

On December 8th 2016, the seven selected associations participated in a kick-off seminar in Tunis, Tunisia as to prepare the formation of the local clusters of gender equality actors. The seminar was also an occasion to:- Present the territories, the activities and the partners that each association will be mobilizing to collect data and information related to the selected topics. - Validate the instruments which the Foundation proposed to facilitate the follow up and the evaluation of the multi-sector research and consultation activities - Exchange the 2015-2016 results and lessons learned with the associations which coordinated the Cycle 1.

Starting from January 2017, Cycle 2 associations will be exploring the topics they have chosen, as for example, work conditions of employed women, women’s presence in political life, prostitution and women trafficking, and feminine entrepreneurship. These researches will result in projects to be implemented by each of the local clusters of gender equality actors. Through their mobilization and consultation activities, the 7 associations will have the chance to become credible and indispensable interlocutors for local and regional authorities. Furthermore, the results of their work will be capitalized and transmitted to policy makers at the Euro-Mediterranean level through publications and policy recommendations.

During the seminar, both the “Women’s Voice in Jemmel” and the “Women Rights Leagues Federation – Marrakesh Section” associations from cycle 1, shared their experiences with the 7 associations of cycle 2. They have also explained the strategies they have put in place to engage actors in their territories, and how they became a reference for local and regional authorities, even before implementing their projects. Number of representatives of the French Embassy in Tunisia also attended the seminar.

The Tunis seminar was organized under the framework of axis 1 "Strengthening the capacities of equality actors” of the "Women of the Future in the Mediterranean" project, coordinated by the IEMed. Axis 1 is financed by the Priority Solidarity Fund of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and is in synergy with the project "Developing the autonomy of women", labeled by the Union for the Mediterranean.

Here are some fotos of the seminar.

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