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Selection of the leaders of the local clusters of gender equality actors - cycle 2

01.12.2016 / Created by (EMWF)
Selection of the leaders of the local clusters of gender equality actors - cycle 2

Following the call for applications for the mobilization of gender equality actors at the local level which was launched in September, seven associations from the south and the east of the Mediterranean were selected in the framework of the implementation of the 2nd cycle of the Local clusters. The selected associations will coordinate a local cluster made up of a maximum of five actors working for gender equality which can be an association, a research or education institution on women and gender; a local or regional authority or a government service ; an enterprise or a trade union; a media.

Each local cluster of gender equality actors© will promote a pilot action to mobilize equality actors of its territory around an issue considered as a priority to advance equality, which will take the form of data collection, consultations, reflexion and exchange of experiences. Through its local clusters, the Foundation encourages networking and joint work between equality actors in a concrete and participatory manner.

Below is the list of the 7 associations selected to coordinate the local clusters – cycle 2, their targeted territories and the selected themes:

- Association des femmes en économie verte/Association of Women in Green Economy (AFEV), Algeria, wilaya of Algiers

Promoting women's entrepreneurship in the green economy

- National Association for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms (NADRF), Egypt (Aswan), Women’s representation in local councils

- Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women (JFBPW), Jordan (Zarqa) - Working conditions of women employed in factories

- Lebanese League of Women's Rights (LLWR), Lebanon (eastern suburbs of Beirut)

Prostitution and trafficking in women and girls

- Tamaynut, Morocco (Inezgane-Agadir),

Capacities of women's organizations and cooperatives committed to women's human rights

- The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH), Palestine (Ramallah),

The representation of women and youth in the Palestinian political system

- Le Chemin de la dignité/ The Road to Dignity (ACD) - Tunisia (Douar Hicher)

The participation of women in political and public life

A kick-off seminar for the local clusters- cycle 2 will take place on 8 December 2016 in Tunisia in order to pool the methodologies that will be used by each association and to facilitate the dissemination of the expected results.

This initiative is developed within the framework of the Axis 1 "Strengthening the capacities of the gender equality actors" of the project "Women for the Future in the Mediterranean" coordinated by the IEMed. The Axis 1 is funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and is in synergy with the mission of the Foundation and the project "Developing women’s empowerment", labeled by the Union for the Mediterranean.


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