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Learning exchanges between Euro-Med associations to promote gender equality

31.10.2016 / Created by (EMWF)
Learning exchanges between Euro-Med associations to promote gender equality

The learning exchange is a process of peer-to-peer exchanges between associations working for gender equality which consists in sharing experiences and working methods to favour mutual enrichment, synergies and networking. The learning exchanges happen within the framework of the CSO WINS project: “Capacity-building in the Southern Mediterranean to Open policy dialogue and monitoring for Women in Society", financed by the European Union and co-financed by the European Institute of the Mediterranean, coordinator of the project.

In the first phase of the CSO WINS project, 24 associations participated in a training workshop on planning advocacy actions. Then, these 24 associations were asked to enrich and complete their advocacy campaigns draft. After evaluating the advocacy campaigns’ proposals, 8 associations were chosen to implement their advocacy campaigns. For this purpose, they will receive the technical support of the CSO WINS project and of an experienced organization in mobilizing public opinion and influencing policy makers.

Through field visits and mutual exchange of lessons learned, each association will acquire new skills to promote changes in its political and social environment. Furthermore, associations will build strong relationships and long-term partnerships as they face similar problems to advance gender equality despite working in a different context.

The associations who participate in the learning exchanges are:

1. Anaouat pour la femme et l’enfant (Morocco) is campaigning against child marriage, in partnership with the Association for the Development & Enhancement of Women - ADEW (Egypt)

2. Association de l’information et de la communication en milieu de jeunes de Guelma - INFO-COM (Algeria) is campaigning against sexual harassment in public places, in partnership with MARCH (Lebanon)

3. Mouwatinet (Tunisia) is campaigning for the political participation of women in local governance, in partnership with the Association Voix de femmes marocaines

4. Jusoor Center for Studies and Development (Libya) is campaigning for the legalization of female companies that are operating in the informal sector, in partnership with Gender Alternatives Foundation (Bulgaria)

5. Badr Altawael Association for local community development (Egypt) is campaigning in favour of women’s right to inheritance, in partnership with Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development - JOHUD (Jordan)

6. Start initiative for social justice and human rights - Sijchr (Egypt) is campaigning against child marriages, in partnership with Egyptian Center for Women's Rights - ECWR (Egypt)

7. Women in front (Lebanon) is campaigning for a law on quotas for women in partnership with the European Women's Lobby (Belgium)

8. Hiwar Center for social development(Palestine) is campaigning for a law granting 30% of seats for women in local councils, in partnership with the Center of Women’s Studies and Policies (Bulgaria)


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