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A member in the spotlight: Voix de Femmes Marocaines Association

07.07.2016 / Created by (EMWF)
A member in the spotlight:  Voix de Femmes Marocaines Association

Voix de Femmes Marocaines association is a member of the Foundation’s network of networks since May 2015. It was founded in 2007 with the aim to protect and promote women and children’s rights, as universally recognized rights. Based in the town of Agadir (Southern Morocco), Voix de Femmes Maroicaines actively works on the field and in close relationship with illiterate women, women victims of violence and youths, both boys and girls. The association aims to ensure education based on human rights and to carry out lobbying and advocacy tasks for the women’s rights defense and the fight against gender-based violence.

The Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation hosted a capacity-building workshop in Barcelona with 36 representatives of civil society organizations working for gender equality. 12 of them, including Voix de Femmes Marocaines, were selected for implementing successful practices on advocacy and policy dialogue in order to foster the transfer of lessons learnt as well as networking in this sector. This action is part of the CSO WINS project, financed by the EU.

Aicha Sakmassi, Executive Director of the Voix de Femmes Marocaines association, explains (video in French; subtitles in English and Arabic are available) their selected practice: a campaign on civic and social participation of women, entitled “strengthening the capacity of south associations activists”.


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