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The Association of Egyptian Female Lawyers Implemented A Training Program for Journalists on Using New Media Means in Personal Status Law and its Amendments

17.10.2023 / Created by AEFLA

The Association of Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL) began the activities of the training workshop for journalists on the project "Towards a Fair Personal Status Law for Family", funded by Equality Now, with the aim of introducing them to the draft laws submitted by all parties in this regard, as well as informing them of the draft law submitted by AEFL regarding some amendments aimed at protecting the Egyptian family.

The workshop aimed to train 25 young journalists from various press institutions on new media tools in dealing with the draft law and its amendments, and how to use social media means to deliver all amendments to stakeholders. For her side, Ms. Rabha Fathi, the Chairperosn of AEFL, said that journalists, because of their societal roles that influence public opinion, and with press institutions using different colors and forms of modern journalistic arts such as hashtags, caricatures, animation arts, and the arts of infographics and videography, it was necessary to train journalists on amendments to the articles of the law to transform them into simplified film and awareness materials using all modern means that achieve dissemination, which will have a positive impact on raising the awareness of the Egyptian family regarding all the amendments on one hand, as well as involving them with their opinion on what they see appropriate to add according to their vision on the other hand. Ms. Rabha Fathi added that the training aimed to cooperate with all journalists from national, party and independent press institutions, as well as media content makers.

The training was provided by Mr. Ahmed Tammam, a training and institutional development consultant, and the media figure and journalist Mr. Hossam El Din Al Ameer, a training and development and community planning consultant. The Chairperson of AEFL noted that the training program aimed to enlighten journalists on the working papers and models for campaigns, the mechanism for designing the campaign’s schedule, the division of tasks within it, and tools for measuring its follow-up, as well as introducing them to the model of the advocacy campaign in amending the personal status law. The training program included the expectations of the participants and introduced them to the concept of advocacy campaigns and introducing stakeholders and touched on investigative journalistic campaigns through social media "the Personal Status Law as a Model", and introducing them to mechanisms for gaining support through new media, and providing a practical application to community initiatives in the field of personal status through social media.

 The training program also included the extent of the impact of social media on personal status issues and practical training on launching two campaigns on "Towards A Fair Personal Status Law for the Egyptian Family” and how to apply advocacy in the personal status law via the internet and determining measurement indicators for advocacy campaigns as a practical application.


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