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The Community Media Center inaugurates the activities of the project: Encouraging Interventions to Promote Women's Rights in the Gaza Strip

18.06.2023 / Created by cmc
The Community Media Center inaugurates the activities of the project: Encouraging Interventions to Promote Women's Rights in the Gaza Strip

Gaza - Community Media Center - May 2023

The Community Media Center (CMC) inaugurated the activities of the project “Encouraging Interventions to Promote Women’s Rights in the Gaza Strip,” which it is implementing for the third year in a row, in partnership with the German Heinrich Böll Foundation. This year, the project aims to combat gender-based discrimination against women in society and in academic institutions.

Since its establishment, the Community Media Center (CMC) has worked to support and advocate for women’s rights in all fields. It also directed to work with students and academics, believing in the role of universities in shaping the future and making its leaders in all fields. During the last five years, it has drawn attention to the reality of women in institutions. Academics suffer from discrimination and violation of a number of its basic rights within universities, in addition to the negative impact of this reality on the present and future of our society, and this is what was concluded by a series of research, discussions and activities carried out by the Community Media Center (CMC) during the previous years.

The Community Media Center (CMC) contributed to promoting a culture of respect for women’s rights and gender equality in academic institutions in the Gaza Strip, and worked to build and develop the capabilities of students of both sexes, empower female academics, and advocate for their rights. The organization also succeeded in consolidating relations and enhancing cooperation for the benefit of academics with most universities and colleges and with a large group of civil and women’s organizations in the Gaza Strip.

As a complement to these efforts, the Community Media Center (CMC) is implementing the project “Encouraging Interventions Aimed at Promoting Women’s Rights in the Gaza Strip,” as it directs its activities this year to strengthening the institutionalization of the Palestinian Academics Authority (PAC) and developing strategic interventions for it, in addition to strengthening the role of female academics and youth of both sexes in defending women’s rights and combating violence and discrimination against them within academic institutions.

The Community Media Center (CMC) began implementing a series of field visits to a number of NGOs in the Gaza Strip, with the participation of male and female ambassadors of women’s rights who were empowered during the previous and current years, with the aim of enhancing cooperation and networking between institutions and youth and supporting their involvement in various events related to women’s rights. In addition to the contribution of male and female ambassadors to the process of supporting and spreading the Palestinian Women Academics Corps (PAC). In this regard, CMC organized a visit to the Women’s Affairs Center and the Center for Research, Legal Consultation and Women’s Protection, and preparations are underway to complete the visits during the coming period.

The Community Media Center (CMC) is preparing during the current month of May to launch the Youth Academy to prepare advocates for women’s rights in society and in academic institutions. And increase their ability to advocate for their rights and defend their issues.

In addition, CMC will work to enhance the role of media professionals and activists of both sexes in addressing issues and violations of women’s rights in academic institutions in their work through holding two workshops, producing a set of media and digital materials, and launching a media campaign to raise awareness about women’s rights in academic institutions and violence based on gender in society.

The Community Media Center (CMC) will implement, during the coming period, an interactive and participatory day in order to enhance acquaintance and networking between young ambassadors of women’s rights and members of the Palestinian Academic Commission (PAC)..

The Community Media Center (CMC) will continue its efforts to enhance coordination between the Palestinian Women Academics Authority (PAC) and official bodies, in order to increase the support and outreach of the Authority (PAC), and improve the participation of female academics in decision-making.

It is noteworthy that the Development and Media Center (CDMC) is an institution that invests and employs the media as a platform for democratic discourse, advocacy for human rights and citizenship, and the promotion of social justice, freedom and prosperity.


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