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The Community Media Center (Gaza) holds orientation sessions on combating gender-based violence

03.08.2022 / Created by cmc
The Community Media Center (Gaza) holds orientation sessions on combating gender-based violence

Gaza - Community Media Center - July 2022

The CMC Community Media Center implemented a series of mentoring and counseling sessions on combating gender-based violence, with the participation of 20 lawyers and media professionals who participated in the Our Safe Spaces project, in order to enhance their skills in how to manage and facilitate awareness-raising workshops for their young peers.

These sessions come within the framework of the activities of the second year of the project “Improving the level of protection for women and youth from gender-based violence - our safe spaces”, in partnership with Terre des Zooms from Switzerland.

The Safe Spaces project aims to improve the protection of women and girls in the Gaza Strip from gender-based violence, including sexual violence, by promoting community awareness of advocating for women’s rights and gender equality, as well as supporting women and girls’ access to multi-sectoral services related to gender-based violence, like media, information and communication technology.

The orientation sessions lasted for three continuous days, where the participants in the cognitive training learned the concept of gender, the roles related to it, how to analyze gender needs, and link its concept to the Palestinian context. They also focused on the concept of gender-based violence, its forms, the mechanism of analyzing the violence tree, and its implications. In addition to identifying gender-based violence from a human rights and gender perspective.

In the practical training, the participants were able to learn how to employ tools, activities and methods related to adult education in the process of promoting awareness of women’s rights and combating gender-based violence among their young peers of both sexes. The facilitators succeeded in using these methods during the experimental presentations, which enjoyed effective interaction and discussion between the participants and the trainer.

For her part, Suhad Al-Rabay’a, one of the participants in the orientation sessions, said, "These sessions are new and qualitative in terms of style and content. The trainer used modern methods of communicating information, and contributed to updating and evaluating our previous information." She added, "I expect that the workshops that we will facilitate later will be of the same quality as what we have learned, in terms of using effective training methods, distributing time, training material, and dealing with the target group."

It is worth noting that the Community Media Center is preparing to implement a series of awareness workshops that will be facilitated and managed by the participants in the orientation sessions, in which their young peers will participate. In a related context, the Community Media Center seeks to enhance societal awareness about gender-based violence among different groups from all governorates, as it implements a number of awareness-raising meetings targeting men and women in marginalized areas in cooperation with a number of partner institutions.

It is noteworthy that the Community Media Center (CMC) is a non-governmental organization that has been operating in the Gaza Strip since 2007, seeking to develop the role of the media in addressing societal issues, and promoting the values ​​of democracy, equality and a culture of human rights, with a focus on women and youth issues and highlighting them in various media within the existing approach.


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