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The Community Media Center holds 6 awareness sessions on digital rights and protection from electronic violence in North Gaza Governorate

21.07.2022 / Created by cmc
The Community Media Center holds 6 awareness sessions on digital rights and protection from electronic violence in North Gaza Governorate

Gaza - Community Media Center - July 2022

The participants stressed the importance of intensifying awareness and education efforts about human rights related to the Internet and measures to prevent and protect against forms of electronic violence, and recommended investing all possible means to achieve this, including media and digital campaigns, awareness meetings, training, and improving communication between citizens and the competent authorities in dealing with electronic violence. This came during 6 awareness-raising workshops entitled "Digital Rights and Protection from Electronic Violence" organized by the Community Media Center, in the North Gaza Governorate, with the participation of 280 people.

This is part of the activities of the project "Mobilizing Society and Media to Promote Women’s Access to Justice and Security in the Gaza Strip" within the framework of the second phase of the Sawasiya project, a joint program between the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), UN-WOMAN, and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). To strengthen the rule of law in the State of Palestine.

Through the Sawasiya project, the Community Media Center looks forward to contributing to improving women’s access to justice and their rights through advocacy and awareness-raising efforts and working to raise awareness of the concepts of gender justice, human rights and women’s rights in international and local conventions, and combating gender-based violence, to In addition to raising societal awareness of the importance of cybercrime prevention, in addition to promoting civic education for children and youth.

The Community Media Center implemented dozens of awareness-raising workshops on digital rights and protection from electronic violence in the governorates of Rafah, Khan Younis, Al Wusta and North Gaza, with the aim of promoting electronic culture among members of the Palestinian community in the Gaza Strip of different groups and ages, so that participants learn about their digital rights, and how to enhance their safety. Personal online, forms and types of cyber violence, as well as securing their accounts on social media platforms with the help of facilitators.

The awareness meetings were facilitated by a group of media professionals and lawyers who participated in the training “Preparing trainers to enhance protection from cybercrime” one of the activities of the Swasiya project, so that they could perform their role in the process of raising societal awareness of digital rights and protection from electronic violence, and they are the lawyer Samir Shiblak, media personality Zarifa Abu Qura, lawyer Alia Nassar, lawyer Muhammad Ashour, journalist Muhammad Abu Maileq, lawyer Lynn Al-Zinati, in addition to lawyer Rahaf Abu Abed.

During the awareness workshops, the facilitators discussed the relationship of digital rights to human rights, the concept of cybercrime, its causes, types, and the most prominent ways to fall into it, with a focus on ways to prevent electronic violence and cybercrime, and the laws governing them, in addition to how to secure accounts on communication platforms. The most prominent social protection behaviors while using these platforms.

While the awareness-raising meetings attracted the attention and focus of the participants throughout the duration of the workshops, where the facilitators noted the interest and need of the participants to acquire the greatest amount of knowledge and practical practice of prevention and protection measures against forms of electronic violence, in addition to identifying concepts related to online safety, The participants also presented a set of issues and behaviors that they encountered while using the Internet, in addition to reflecting on the mechanisms for dealing with them.

It is worth noting that awareness-raising meetings were carried out in cooperation with a number of partner institutions in the northern Gaza governorate, namely the Charitable Family Development Association, the Future Authority for Development, the Al-Nahda Association for Development and Development, the Youth House for Culture and Development, the Al-Adham Association for Development and Development, in addition to the Milad Development Association. young capabilities.

It is noteworthy that the Community Media Center (CMC) is a non-governmental organization that has been operating in the Gaza Strip since 2007, seeking to develop the role of the media in dealing with societal issues, and to promote the values ​​of democracy, equality and a culture of human rights, focusing on women and youth issues and highlighting them in various media within the existing approach. on human rights.


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