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KFO and Jusur Forum meet to plan for a Better Future

06.04.2022 / Created by KFO

The concept of Jusur, or ‘bridges’ in Arabic, is at the very core of Kayan Feminist Organisation’s (KFO) work. The Jusur Forum is a sustainable grassroots movement composed of 27 Arab Women leaders from 14 Arab localities in partnership with Kayan. The Jusur Forum develops and organizes local women’s activism in Palestinian Arab towns and villages. It also develops the knowledge, capabilities, and skills of women activists so they can become transformative leaders in their communities and society on a local and national level.

Throughout the year, Jusur Forum members meet to discuss pressing issues, develop strategies and campaigns, attend workshops and trainings, and to plan and implement nation action plans.

This past February, Kayan staff and leaders of the Jusur Forum worked together during a two-day planning session. Throughout this session, the forum members designed ways to continue, strengthen, and develop existing progress in Arab society. Moreover, the women in the Forum critically examined their own definitions of feminism while identifying ways in which they can use their collective power to combat patriarchal systems and bring Palestinian women’s needs and activism to the national agenda.


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