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The Foundation - Types of Violence - Morocco

Launching of Anaouat’s campaign against underage marriages in Chichaoua

Created 21.02.2017

Under the slogan ‘In Morocco 40. 000 female minors are married every year: Our daughters in danger’, the Anaouat association for women and children has begun a campaign aimed at reducing the number of underage marriages in 3 rural...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Lebanon

Women in Front is leading an advocacy campaign to promote Lebanese women’s access to parliament

Created 02.02.2017

According to the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, women’s representation in political bodies in Lebanon is one of the lowest in the world. Although the Lebanese government has endorsed the 30% women’s quota following...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Jordan

Building Bridges Association has enhanced women’s participation in the political and social life in Irbid

Created 01.02.2017

The project’s general objective was to mobilize local actors in order to promote women's participation in local councils, in Irbid Governorate (Jordan), especially in Al Koura, Al Qasaba and Bani Kinaneh Districts. This field project was...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Jordan

Member in the Spotlight: Building Bridges Association

Created 01.02.2017

The Foundation met Wahida Haidar, president of the Building Bridge Association (BBA) that joined the Foundation’s Network in January 2016. BBA works on spreading, defending and promoting the culture of human rights, gender equality, and...

The Foundation - Types of Violence - Egypt

SICJHR leads the advocacy campaign Our daughters are not for sale

Created 31.01.2017

Early, tourist or seasonal marriages are a widespread phenomenon in the Egyptian society, especially among young girls, young ex-prisoners, marginalized women or victims of violence. The period of this type of marriage is usually quite short and it...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Algeria

A member in the spotlight: Arab Women Parliamentarian Network

Created 17.01.2017

The Foundation met Hafida Benchehida, founding member and executive director of the Arab Women Parliamentarian Network. The Network aims at training, promoting, empowering women and working on advocacy in order to prepare them for parliamentarian...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Tunisia

Launch of the 2nd cycle of Local Clusters of gender equality actors

Created 09.12.2016

Every year, 7 local clusters are being formed in 7 countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia), each around a leading association aiming at creating networking dynamics and carrying out researches related to specific...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Euro-Mediterranean region

Selection of the leaders of the local clusters of gender equality actors - cycle 2

Created 01.12.2016

Following the call for applications for the mobilization of gender equality actors at the local level which was launched in September, seven associations from the south and the east of the Mediterranean were selected in the framework of the...

The Foundation - Miscellaneous - France

A member in the spotlight: French Coordination for the European Women's Lobby

Created 30.11.2016

The Foundation met Françoise Morvan, president of the French Coordination for the European Women's Lobby (C. L. E. F. ) which is a member of the Foundation's Association's Network since June 2016. The C. L. E. F. was founded in 1991, as a...

The Foundation - Miscellaneous - Morocco

The Foundation at COP22: Promoting equitable access to resources and addressing women's voices in climate negotiations

Created 29.11.2016

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which came into force in 2016, included gender equality as a principle in its preamble, as well as in the articles on adaptation and capacity-building. At the Medcop22, a Mediterranean meeting to prepare the...

The Foundation - Types of Violence - Algeria

Create favourable conditions for the establishment of a reception and accommodation centre for women victims of violence in Oran

Created 16.11.2016

Women in Communication (Femmes en communication) FEC - Oran’s Office is realizing a project following on from the pilot mobilization action of gender equality actors which it carries as the leader of the local cluster of gender equality actors...

The Foundation - Miscellaneous - Euro-Mediterranean region

The Foundation struggles for including gender in climate agreements in COP22 in Marrakech

Created 08.11.2016

Women, environment and sustainable development are an indivisible whole. The climate agreements must incorporate the gender approach as urban and rural women in developing countries are on the first line of defense and profoundly affected by...