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The Foundation - Economy / Employment - Euro-Mediterranean region

A seminar on gender diversity and governance for more equality in the public service

Created 10.01.2018

How do we measure discrimination against women and strengthen professional equality in the public sector? What is the impact of gender parity in the public action? Between the 14th  and 15th of December 2017, we participated in a seminar on...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Euro-Mediterranean region

Meeting with the 7 associations that will analyse the situation of women in 2018

Created 22.12.2017

The Foundation met in Amman with the 7 selected associations following the call for applications to mobilize equality actors at a local level (3rd edition). These associations will study subjects that have a direct impact on women’s lives...

The Foundation - Types of Violence - Algeria

FEC contributed to the provision of a better care for women victims of violence

Created 21.12.2017

The purpose of the project was to bring out the need for a shelter for women victims of violence in the wilaya of Oran where Algeria’s second biggest city (Oran) is located. In a first phase, the association Femmes en communication –...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - MENA region

Launching of the Women's Economic Empowerment Forum

Created 18.12.2017

As part of the MENA-OECD Competitiveness Programme, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) launched the Women’s Economic Empowerment Forum that took place on the 7th and 8th of October 2017 in Cairo, Egypt....

The Foundation - Miscellaneous - Euro-Mediterranean region

December's newsletter is out!

Created 15.12.2017

For us and for our partners, the last two months we´re quite exciting and fruitful. Between the 24th and 26th of October 2017 we´ve organized the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue on Advocacy for Gender Equality, in Casablanca (Morocco),...

The Foundation - Economy / Employment - Libya

Jusoor advocates for increasing Libyan women's access to formal economy

Created 30.11.2017

Given the complex economic and regulatory environment and the instability in Libya, business registration is quite difficult and expensive. That’s why many female entrepreneurs and business owners prefer to work in the shadow economy. This...

The Foundation - Economy / Employment - Euro-Mediterranean region

Female entrepreneurs from all the Mediterranean join forces at the IX Meda Women Forum

Created 30.11.2017

Within the framework of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders (MedaWeek Barcelona 2017), last 24th of November more than 200 women from 23 Mediterranean countries gathered at the IX Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs...

The Foundation - Health / Emotional and sexual life - Morocco

Tangible results for Anaouat campaign against female child marriage in Chichaoua

Created 28.11.2017

In Morocco 40. 000 female minors are married every year. In Chichaoua Province alone 283 female child marriages were registered in 2016 according to Anaouat association for women and children who has recently concluded an advocacy campaign against...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Euro-Mediterranean region

Women and the associations defending them: the future of the Mediterranean

Created 22.11.2017

Gender equality is an urgent issue in order to insure peace, democracy and human rights in the Euro-Mediterranean region. The "Euro-Mediterranean Regional Dialogue on Advocacy in the Field of Gender Equality" held in Casablanca from the 24th to the...

The Foundation - Miscellaneous - Euro-Mediterranean region

Check out our Newsletter for November 2017

Created 10.11.2017

In this month’s newsletter we bring you updates on the projects we support, news about our member’s initiatives, plus a selection of documents and events related to women’s rights in the Euro-Mediterranean countries. We mainly...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Palestinian Authority

Elections are you and I, not you without me, successful campaign by Hiwar

Created 31.10.2017

Palestinian women are underrepresented in local councils although the Palestinian law on local elections stresses that women’s representations in local councils should not be less than 20%. Therefore, Hiwar Center for Youth and Women’s...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Egypt

Badr Association concludes its campaign to defend women's right to inheritance

Created 31.10.2017

Badr Al-Tawayel Association is working hard to address a wide spread phenomenon in Egypt in general, and in upper Egypt countryside in particular, where women are deprived of their inheritance. This phenomenon is due to the customs and traditions...