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Network of networks - Education / Professional training - Morocco

Animated stories for children to read and listen!

Created 29.03.2017

Inwi, Yanbow El Kitab and the Zakoura Foundation present these animated stories for children to read and to listen. The six tales have been collected by the Foundation’s teams from women who were in literacy courses in 6 regions of...

The Foundation - Economy / Employment - Libya

A member in the Spotlight: Jusoor Centre for Studies and Development

Created 29.03.2017

The Jusoor Center for Studies and Development is a Libyan non-governmental organization which is committed to independent policy research and to encourage human development through economic and social empowerment projects. The aim of Jusoor is...

Network of networks - Economy / Employment - Spain

The Complex Relationship Between the Telecomm Sector and Gender Equality

Created 29.03.2017

Oftentimes the inequalities experienced by women in Western, developed countries are reduced or discounted in comparison to the grave and life-threatening injustices so commonly suffered by those in developing nations. But the discrimination of...

Network of networks - Education / Professional training - Morocco

Responsible Citizens training for teachers and new practices of community learning for Students in Morocco and Tunisia

Created 29.03.2017

After two years of work, study, analysis, workshops and seminars, Forming Responsible Citizens, a Euro-Mediterranean project that aims to prevent juvenile violence and transmit Values of equality between man and woman, is carrying out the third...

The Foundation - Types of Violence - Algeria

Advocacy campaign against sexual violence and verbal harassment in the public spaces in Guelma

Created 28.03.2017

Verbal harassment, physical violence and sexual harassment against girls and female students are a widespread phenomenon in public spaces in Algeria. According to police reports, 278 cases were reported in Guelma Province in 2015. Despite that the...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Tunisia

Advocacy campaign in favour of women’s participation in local governance in Sfax

Created 24.03.2017

Despite the active role of Tunisian women in professional life and civil society, their presence in decision-making positions at all levels (political parties, local councils, parliament…) remains much below their expectations. Moreover, the...

Network of networks - Types of Violence - Morocco

A Raising Awareness Campaign

Created 20.03.2017

The association ''Voix de Femmes Marocaines'' has organized an awarness campaign on the ocasion of the International Women's Day on the 8th of March. It took place on a beach in Agadir and targeted both women and men.  In this...

Network of networks - Civil and political rights - Tunisia

Advocating for women candidates and electing them in the municipal councils

Created 20.03.2017

The association Mouatinat is carrying out an advocacy campaign, in particular in four municipalities of Sfax,the campaign aims at enhancing equality between men and women in the municipal decision-making centers. The campaign is part of the CSO...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Palestinian Authority

Campaign in Ramallah for increasing women’s representativeness in the local councils

Created 20.03.2017

The upcoming local elections in Palestine are an excellent opportunity to encourage women to fully participate in them and to be able to play an effective role in society. Thus, Hiwar Center for Youth and Women's Empowerment is conducting a...

Network of networks - Miscellaneous - France

Feminisms and intersectionality - interventions available online

Created 15.03.2017

The 8th March 2017, the LAM (Les Afriques dans le Monde) and the association'Genre en Action', with the collaboration of Perspectives Plurielles Marseille, have organized a one-day workshop titled:'Feminisms and intersectionality – what are...

The Foundation - Economy / Employment - Algeria

Mobilizing the local actors in order to enhance women’s entrepreneurship in Algiers

Created 13.03.2017

Women’s occupation is still limited in Algeria, while women’s entrepreneurship represents an opportunity to improve women’s access to the labour market and to enhance women’s contribution to the country’s development....

Network of networks - Civil and political rights - Palestinian Authority

Best congratulations and wishes to Palestinian women on the occasion of International Women's Day

Created 13.03.2017

Roles for Social Change Association (ADWAR) gives its best wishes to Palestinian women on the occasion of International Women's Day. It emphasises on the importance of the struggle of these women against both occupation and for their...