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The Foundation - Types of Violence - Algeria

INFO-COM Jeunes de Guelma campaign against sexual harrasement in Guelma comes to end

Created 26.09.2017

Despite the fact that law criminalizes sexual and verbal harassment, women and girls are still suffering of this type of violence which intimidates them and limits their presence and participation in public and recreational activities. Early in...

Network of networks - Types of Violence - Egypt

Elmehwar trains social workers on gender concepts in the upper countryside of Egypt

Created 21.09.2017

A team composed of Maha Khayrullah, expert on gender oriented training, the president of Elmehwar Association for Family Development, and Dr. Huda Qandil, expert on Gender based violence oriented trainings, continue to train social workers in...

The Foundation - Types of Violence - Egypt

Our daughters are not for sale Campaign successfully completed by SICJHR

Created 21.09.2017

Seasonal or tourist marriage is a wide-spread phenomena in Egypt that women’s rights and feminist organization are struggling to end. In this type of marriage, non-Egyptian men vacationing in the country marry girls much younger than them for...

The Foundation - Miscellaneous - Euro-Mediterranean region

Check out our September Newsletter

Created 13.09.2017

In this month’s newsletter we propose a selection of our most distinct resources, documents and news celebrating the recent advances in women’s rights in the Euro-Mediterranean Region, and highlighting women and feminist...

Research - Miscellaneous - Euro-Mediterranean region

Junior and senior researchers debate on masculinities and gender roles

Created 31.08.2017

On the 29th and 30th of June, the Mediterranean House of Human Science, in Aix- en-Provence city in France, hosted a seminar on masculinities in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Marta Segarra, researcher and president of the University and...

Network of networks - Civil and political rights - Tunisia

Door to door campaigns and more activities by AJC to promote women's participation in rights in Kef in Tunisia

Created 25.08.2017

The Association Joussour de Citoyenneté (Bridges of Citizenship Association) has been quite busy this summer promoting women’s participation in municipal elections and celebrating Tunisian women’s advances and achievements....

Network of networks - Civil and political rights - Palestinian Authority

Hiwar concludes its advocacy campaign on women and local politics in Ramallah

Created 22.08.2017

HIWAR Center for Youth and Women’s Empowerment in Ramallah, Palestine, implemented successfully a campaign on encouraging women participation in local politics. This campaign was held in partnership with the Center of Women’ s Studies...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Egypt

NADRF studies how to encourage women to run effectively for local elections

Created 10.08.2017

When it comes to political participation, Egyptian women, especially those living in rural and marginalized areas, such as Upper Egypt, face huge challenges that often prevent them from stepping into the political arena. Despite the conservative...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Palestinian Authority

MIFTAH supports a fair participation of women in policy making in Palestine

Created 08.08.2017

While women and youth make up the largest segments of the Palestinian society, their participation in the political life remains under expectations. Underrepresentation of women and youth in leadership and decision making levels severely impacts...

The Foundation - Miscellaneous - Euro-Mediterranean region

Check out our August Newsletter

Created 07.08.2017

Our Newsletter for this month reflects the awesome efforts of equality actors across the Euro-Mediterranean region starting from Palestine where young men and women are fighting against GBV through a series of training; passing by Lebanon where our...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Tunisia

Mouwatinet promotes women's participation in municipal elections in Sfax

Created 04.08.2017

Although Tunisian women have always been active in political life and despite the Tunisian constitution which guarantees gender equality, and the recent modification of the electoral law by the Tunisian parliament who approved horizontal and...

The Foundation - Civil and political rights - Lebanon

Women in front continues its struggle for female quota at the Lebanese Parliament

Created 03.08.2017

In June 2017, the Lebanese Government approved a new electoral law based on proportional representation for the first time in the country’s history, yet it failed in passing important reforms to this law, and most importantly the female quota....