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Mediterranean '25 Priorities and recommendations: Contribution to the renewed Mediterranean Agenda

12.04.2021 / Created by IEMed

This policy report presents the results, opinions and main points of the debates arising from the nearly 2,000 actors from the Euro-Mediterranean region participating in the Mediterranean +25 Initiative, thirteen conferences promoted by the Government of Catalonia between June and December 2020 in the framework of the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Process.

During the conferences, some of the underlying causes and consequences of the current socio-economic, human development, gender-related, governance and intercultural challenges in the region were identified. Different actors spoke on lessons learnt from the past, addressed potential cooperation opportunities in the region and stressed strategic policy recommendations. The COVID-19 crisis context provided the opportunity to focus on the challenges and potential future interactions between partners to overcome critical situations like the one brought about by the pandemic in the region.


  • Type of publication : Institutional agendas
  • Author : IEMed, Government of Catalonia
  • Publishing house : IEMed, Government of Catalonia
  • Publication date : 2021
  • Number of pages : 29
  • Language : English


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