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Guide to integrate Gender Approach in organisations

23.03.2020 / Created by (EMWF)

Gender inequalities persist. Associations are not exempt from this reproduction of social and cultural norms. To respond to these observations, Coordination SUD proposes - in March 2020 - a new support guide aimed at integrating the gender approach into 3 essential components of organizations:

- Associative project and governance,

- HR policies,

- Communication.

Each of the guides proposes resources and tools for organizations to question gender-based social relations in the different components of their association (associative project, governance, human resources, communication) and to detect stereotypes, discrimination and violence in order to counter them.


The proposed approach allows the structures to self-evaluate and take stock of the situation by identifying the levers and courses of action that will enable a concrete, cross-cutting and sustainable transformation in favour of real and inclusive equality for all.

The guides are intended for all those who work in international solidarity organisations - or more generally in the associative world - and who wish to integrate the gender approach into their structure and governance.


Coordination SUD is the national coordination of French international solidarity NGOs. Founded in 1994 as an association under the 1901 law, it now brings together more than 170 French NGOs working in international solidarity. About a hundred are members through six collectives: CLONG-Volontariat, Cnajep, Coordination Humanitaire et Développement, Crid, Forim, Groupe Initiatives. Member NGOs carry out emergency humanitarian actions, development aid, environmental protection, defence of human rights for underprivileged populations, as well as citizenship education and advocacy actions.

Coordination SUD has a fourfold mission:

  1. Promotion and defence of the sector
  2. Reinforcement of the professionalization of organizations through counselling and training,
  3. Advocacy on international solidarity with public and private institutions in France, Europe and the world,
  4. Monitoring and analysis services, and information dissemination.


  • Type of publication : Toolbox / Methodological guide
  • Author : Coordination SUD
  • Publishing house : Coordination SUD
  • Publication date : 2020
  • Number of pages : 139
  • Language : French


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