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The Status of Black Moroccan Women: Colour and Gender Stigmas

26.11.2019 / Created by (EMWF)

This paper investigates the status of black Moroccan women, not just as key members of the society, but as a social category subject to doubled stigmatization for being women and black. The study also examines the various forms of discrimination inflicted upon black women, highlighting both the racism and patriarchy in society. It focuses on the way discrimination manifests in the public sphere through the verbal abuse targets black women in Morocco, especially the term ‘’azziya’’ and the functions it serves in communicating the social status of black women. The paper further exposes the absence of feminist concern with issues faced by black women in Morocco, and the obstacles preventing the emergence of a ‘’black feminism’’ in the country.


  • Type of publication : Study / Report
  • Author : Yassine Yassni
  • Publishing house : Omran Magazine – Arab Centre for Research & Policy Studies
  • Publication date : 2018
  • Number of pages : 21
  • Language : Arabic


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