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Turkey: Women and Domestic Violence

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In Turkey, as in many other countries around the world, hundreds of thousands of women are daily victims of human rights violations. Between one-third and one-half of Turkish women are reported to be victims of physical violence in their families. They are beaten, raped and even, in some cases, killed or forced into suicide. Girls are the object of transactions between families and are forced to marry at a very young age.

This report presents the cases of a number of women victims of violence by family members. On the subject of violations of women’s rights and discrimination against them, it establishes the existence of well-established attitudes that are put in place very early: barely born, little girls are promised as future wives by their family who forces them to marry early.

The report reveals a culture of violence that subjects women to the dual threat of being victims of violence and of not being able to effectively access justice.


  • Type of publication : Study / Report
  • Author : Amnesty International
  • Publishing house : Amnesty International
  • Publication date : 2004
  • Number of pages : 67
  • Language : French


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