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What place for women scientists in the university system in Morocco?

20.09.2018 / Created by (EMWF)

Despite the significant progress made by Morocco in recent years in the area of ​​women’s human rights, the academic sector remains highly unequal: The percentage of women in scientific branches continues to decline as their studies progress. Additionally, women remain underrepresented among research professors and they are almost absent in decision-making positions. The purpose of this paper is to shed light and raise awareness about the flagrant discrimination against women scientists whose consequences are detrimental to the process of economic and human development initiated by Morocco. It is based on the statistical indicators of the findings of some experiences and testimonies.


  • Type of publication : Article
  • Author : Naima Hamoumi
  • Publishing house : Hanns Seidel Foundation
  • Publication date : 2016
  • Number of pages : 23
  • Language : French


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