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Women of the southern Mediterranean: struggles, rights and challenges

05.09.2018 / Created by IEMed

In 2011, many countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean lived the so-called ’Arab revolutions’ or, as the West called it, the ’Arab spring’. The people of Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Libya and Syria, among others, tired of police repression, unemployment and the lack of opportunities and freedoms, took the streets. Women also took part in these struggles as they knew that they were strictly tied to their rights. Seven years following the uprisings, what did women and feminist movements achieve? And what are the challenges that are still ahead of them? To answer these questions, the Catalan magazine CRÍTIC interviewed Emilie Vidal, the coordinator of the Gender programme at the European Institute of the Mediterranean – IEMed.


  • Type of publication : Article
  • Author : Anna Palou
  • Publishing house : Feminisme(s) - Dossier Crític
  • Publication date : 2018
  • Number of pages : 5
  • Language : Catalan


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