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Gender and Sport in Africa

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This book presents case studies addressing the sport phenomenon in different socio-cultural spaces. The authors of these studies call upon multiple fields of knowledge: sociology, law, management and economics. The diversity of research fields thus enhances multidisciplinarity and reflects the complexity of the relationship between sport and gender. In this perspective, the analysis draw on sport from different perspectives to shed light on the political advances and sociocultural constraints that hinder the achievement of gender parity in sport. They take a critical look at the place of women in sport and show the gender-related limitations that hinder their participation in development processes.


  • Type of publication : Book
  • Author : Mona Lachheb, Brahim Elmorchid, Rachid Smouni, Sidi Mohamed Rigar, Monia Kherouf, Désiré Manirakiza, Ejjanoui Fouzia, Cina Guèye
  • Publishing house : Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa - CODESRIA
  • Publication date : 2010
  • Number of pages : 104
  • Language : French


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