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The Impacts of the Crisis on Gender Equality and Women's Wellbeing in the EU Mediterranean Countries

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The 2008 financial crisis is considered by many economists to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. A deep recession, high unemployment rates, precariousness and instability are just few of the several seriously damaging effects caused by the breakdown of the global economic, as well as institutional, system. Greece, Italy and Spain have been among the countries most affected by the negative consequences brought about by the financial collapse. The French economy and society have also been hit by the crisis. This study intends to provide insights on the impact of economic downturn on women’s well-being and aims to support future strategies for promoting women’s rights and gender equality. It also explores possible strategies which can help to minimize risks and alleviate the vulnerable situations of women.



  • Type of publication : Study / Report
  • Author : Tindara Addabbo, Lina Gálvez-Muñoz, Antigone Lyberaki, Natacha Ordioni, Paula Rodríguez-Modroño
  • Publishing house : United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute - UNICRI
  • Publication date : 2014
  • Number of pages : 259
  • Language : English


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