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Gender Toolbox: Agriculture, Rural Development and Biodiversity

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The Gender and Development approach promotes equal rights and equitable sharing of resources and responsibilities between women and men. As a methodology, the Gender approach produces a comparative analysis of the situation of women and men from an economic, social, cultural and political point of view. It is transversal and covers all fields of development. It leads to the questioning of unequal representations and practices, both individual and collective. In the rural and agricultural world of most countries, women are particularly disadvantaged compared to men, while their contribution is very important. This manual, therefore, aims to (i) present the main gender issues in the Agriculture, Rural Development and Biodiversity sector and (ii) provide a set of tools that can be used separately, depending on the nature of the development projects, the level of gender mainstreaming and the timing of the project cycle.


  • Type of publication : Toolbox / Methodological guide
  • Author : Marlène Buchy
  • Publishing house : French Development Agency
  • Publication date : 2016
  • Number of pages : 120
  • Language : French


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