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Armed conflicts and women's security

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This paper aims to shed light on the status of women during and after armed conflicts and how international law deals with this reality in light of the evolution of the concept of human security. The paper intends to highlight the fact that achieving women’s security is no longer limited to the issue of protection and assistance, but that it has become an essential and necessary condition to ensure societies’ security, and an urgent societal and international issue that serves peace and stability on the general humanitarian level. The paper reaches the obvious conclusion that empowering women and activating their role enhances the national security of their countries, because the achievement of human security is necessary to achieve the national security of countries, and to deepen the state of peace, stability and security at the international level as well.


  • Type of publication : Study / Report
  • Author : Ali Al-Jarbawi, Assem Khalil
  • Publishing house : Ibrahim Abou-lughod Institute of International Studies - Birzeit University
  • Publication date : 2008
  • Number of pages : 103
  • Language : Arabic


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