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Inequality, Intergenerational Mobility of Women Educational Attainment and Inclusive Policies in Arab Countries

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Intergenerational educational mobility refers to the extent to which education attainments are able to change across generations. If there were no intergenerational mobility in education, at all, all poor children would become poor adults and all rich children would become rich adults assuming that higher levels of education lead to higher incomes. In the case of complete intergenerational mobility, there would be no relationship between family background and the adult education outcomes. While education inequality can be thought of as an indicator of equality of outcome, the intergenerational education mobility indicator can be thought of as an indicator of equality of opportunity. The current research emphasizes the needs of knowing more about educational attainment inequality and intergenerational mobility of women in Arab countries with comparisons with Eastern and Central European Economies (ECE).



  • Type of publication : Study / Report
  • Author : Ahmed Driouchi, Alae Gamar, Cristina Boboc, Emilia Titan & Amale Achehboune
  • Publishing house : FEMISE
  • Publication date : 2017
  • Number of pages : 59
  • Language : English


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