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Where are the women in the positions of leadership within Arab Parties?

28.05.2018 / Created by (EMWF)

Is politics a masculine act? This question is not only asked in the Arab world, but in various parts of the world. The number of women who have been in the political arena and managed to lead parties and intellectual currents does not exceed dozens throughout history. In most societies, women are strongly present at the heart of activism and party bases, but they rarely play leading party roles. For instance, we don’t see often women as general secretaries, or heads of political bureaus, or official spokeswomen or party leading negotiators. Rather, women’s role is mainly limited to leading plans or actions reserved to women’s issues, a fictive dispensable role in partisan life.   

In this article, Al-Awadani explores the views of a number of Arab female politicians on the presence and role of Arab women in the partisan sphere and the decision-making.


  • Type of publication : Article
  • Author : دواجة العوادني
  • Publishing house : Meem Magazine
  • Publication date : 2017
  • Number of pages : 14
  • Language : English


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