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Women in the Men's House: The Road to Equality in the Algerian Military

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In developed countries, the recruitment of women into the military has been the subject of intense debate for over thirty years. Supporters assert the equal right of women to serve alongside men in the army, even in combat roles, while opponents fear that the very presence of women in what they see as a male institution undermines its esprit de corps and combat efficacy.  Some argue that women cannot bear physical harm, although the integration of women into Western armies in increasing numbers suggests otherwise. 

Although legislation has been passed creating equality between the sexes in the Algerian military, women still have a long road ahead to gain full equality.


  • Type of publication : Article
  • Author : دالية غانم يزبك
  • Publishing house : Carnegie Middle East Center
  • Publication date : 2015
  • Number of pages : 14
  • Language : English, French and Arabic


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