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Handbook for trainings in Nonviolence and Social Transformation

12.01.2018 / Created by (EMWF)

Social effect and impact of many social movements and the collective action promoted by them cannot be conceived only in terms of success or failure in face of the immediate aims that it incorporates in a specific campaign. Sustained efforts in time by movements such as the environmentalist and the feminist movements help us to perceive them as actors that have had effect on the democratization of democracies. Besides the legislative and normative changes that have been achieved, what feminism has caused, for instance,  is a cultural earthquake where perceptions on what is what and what a woman can do with her life and her body have radically changed.

This handbook is part of the training material on mobilization for change put together by the NOVACT – International Institute for Nonviolent Action. It has been conceived as support for carrying out workshops directed to people actively engaged in the design, organization, and putting forward of campaigns or nonviolent social movements for social justice. The material combines practical exercises, and theoretical reflections.


  • Type of publication : Toolbox / Methodological guide
  • Author : José Luis Fernández Casadevante & Nacho García Pedraza
  • Publishing house : NOVACT – International Institute for Nonviolent Action
  • Publication date : 2017
  • Number of pages : 58
  • Language : English and French


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