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The intersectionality of class and gender : women's economic activities in east and west Amman

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This research is based on a comparative study between East and West Amman women in terms of economic activity. Amman (Jordan) is a patriarchal society and this research explains the prevalent patriarchal structures that influence women’s economic activities and experiences and how these patriarchal structures operate differently depending on class.

This research adopts an intersectional approach to gender and class to provide us with a more comprehensive understanding of women’s experiences in relation to economic activity. The study sheds light on the fact that class in Jordan is very much related to place of residence, and the differences between East and West Amman are very influential in determining women’s experiences.

It is meant to explore the views and attitudes towards women’s economic activities, and the different views between East and West Amman, and between men and women. Moreover, this research explores the factors that influence women’s economic activities and how these factors are different amongst women themselves.


  • Type of publication : Thesis
  • Author : Nof Nasser Eddin
  • Publishing house : University of Warwick
  • Publication date : 2011
  • Number of pages : 338
  • Language : English


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