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Islam and Women - Feminist Reading of the Foundations of the Personal Status Code

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Exploring Sharia (Islamic Law), this research, written by the Syrian feminist author, Mayya Rahbi carries a clear call to change the prevailing culture, in which religion is mixed with myths, customs, and tribalism that are rooted in the pre-Islamic era and have been intertwined with religious rulings in people’s minds. It also contains an explicit call to change the Personal Status Code which the author describes as unfair to contemporary women, and incompatible with the changing conditions of women and society. What stands in the way of changing the discriminative laws and customs against women is not the Islamic law, but the masculine mentality that has considered many of the unjust provisions against women sacred, and accused all those who call for changing these laws of infidelity and heresy.


  • Type of publication : Book
  • Author : Mayya Rahbi
  • Publishing house : Al Rahba Publishing House
  • Publication date : 2014
  • Number of pages : 256
  • Language : Arabic


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