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Lesbanon: The lesbian experience in Lebanon

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Very little has been written on female homosexuality in the Arab world. This paper is an ethnographic account of non-heterosexual women in Lebanon as presented through personal interviews and participant observations with twenty individuals who identify as non-heterosexual and are living in Lebanon. The project seeks to understand the experience of non-heterosexual women in Lebanon and the ways in which they navigate different state, legal, social, and cultural institutions that shape, constrain, or seek to define them. The interviews attempt to illustrate firsthand how non-heterosexual women in Lebanon are making sense of a certain set of practices traditionally seen as taboo in Lebanon. This paper is organized around certain themes that surfaced during the interviews, which include identity and discourse, geography and space, and family and society. 


  • Type of publication : Thesis
  • Author : Lizette M. Baghdadi
  • Publishing house : Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Georgetown University
  • Publication date : 2013
  • Number of pages : 82
  • Language : English


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