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The Adventurers of life: the handicap beyond its limits

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These are the proceedings of the conference of March 19, 2016 under the sponsorship of Pinar Selek With contributions from Pinar Selek, Djemila Benhabib, Saida Douki-Dedieu, Simone Korff-Sausse, Anne Marcellini, Patrick Segal, Dorine Bourneton ...

The adventurers: this theme was chosen to show that women with a singularity fight to live their difference while remaining citizens. The association "Women for the Saying, Women for Action" has therefore involved people with disabilities among others, so that each, with her words and personal history, can openly tell her life story in a space of solidarity and sharing.


  • Type of publication : Conference proceedings
  • Author : Coordinated by Maudy PIOT
  • Publishing house : L'Harmattan
  • Publication date : 2016
  • Number of pages : 135
  • Language : French


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