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"Syria, a Home or a State of Detention"

25.12.2016 / Created by SWN

The ruling authorities in Syria have, throughout decades, practiced all forms and shapes of violation of human rights establishing for this purpose mechanisms that would allow it to control both state and society. Thus it drafted a constitution that fits it perfectly. In addition, it issued exceptional laws and modified certain articles in the Syrian law to serve their tyrannical ends. Furthermore, it founded exceptional courts and other institutions, public bodies, grass-roots organizations for the sole purpose of enslaving land and people for good.


  • Type of publication : Book
  • Author : Lama Rajeh,Sahar Hweijeh, Salma Hneidi, Siba Shweiki, Maha Jarbou, Sbiha Khalil, Nivin Dalati, Abdullah Imam, Nour Ayyobi
  • Co-editor : Najah Safar, Abdullah Imam, Nibal Zeitoneh, Hiam Alsheirout
  • Publishing house : Syrian Women´s Network (SWN)
  • Publication date : 2016
  • Number of pages : 116
  • Language : English


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