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Women with Disabilities between Norms and Rights

25.10.2016 / Created by WCLAC

While women experience gender-based violence in any place and regardless their social economic and cultural background, women with disabilities face even harsher situation. Disability constitutes the ground for complex and double discrimination. Therefore, it places these women in a specific and highly discriminated social category, especially in the developing countries such as Palestine. The literature indicates that women with disabilities cope with double disadvantage in their society: from their gender and from disability. Furthermore, they are considered as "invisible in the context of development", including in situations where development projects include gendered perspectives. Women and girls with disabilities or special needs are not addressed by such programs, although statistics expose these issues. Indeed, statistics are clear indicating that women with disabilities are subjected to marginalization and violence on a larger scale than women who do not suffer from disabilities. Intersection between concepts of gender and disability must be properly acknowledged when implementing development programs and policies, especially when these aim at promoting human rights. We must ensure this situation of intersectionality is taken into account for the same reasons that lead us to defend human rights in general. All human beings are to enjoy equal rights and dignity. On that account, the State of Palestine took a qualitative step by joining the international Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. Palestinian ratification of the agreement has to be considered as a turning point in the way disability is perceived and tackled. It will shed light on the challenges to combat prejudices and exclusion that women with disabilities face. Nevertheless, the State of Palestine shall be committed to transpose the international convention into the national law. The ratification must be reflected on the ground through implemented policies in order to promote and to protect the rights of women with disabilities.


  • Type of publication : Article
  • Author : Rawan Obeid
  • Publishing house : This week in Palestine
  • Publication date : 2016
  • Number of pages : 5
  • Language : English


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