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Civil and political rights - - Euro-Mediterranean region - Study / Report

Euro-Mediterranean Women's Expectations - Civil Society Findings and Ministerial Commitments

Created 03.10.2018

In 2015, the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (FFEM) launched a qualitative report that served as ‘’mechanism for monitoring’’ the implementation of Paris Declaration Commitments which was adopted by the Union for...

Civil and political rights - Morocco - Study / Report

Field diagnosis: The role of elected women in the province of Ifrane

Created 31.07.2018

Despite a favourable legal framework for equality of opportunity in the mechanisms for political action and access to political responsibilities, women’s presence in elected positions in local authorities in Morocco remains below expectations....

Economy / Employment - Jordan - Study / Report

Field diagnosis: Advocating Gender Equality in Zarqaa's factories

Created 18.05.2018

Zarqaa Governorate is considered one of the most important industrial hubs in Jordan. Women working in its factories are enduring hard working conditions. Additionally, female workers lack training and professional development opportunities, which...

Types of Violence - Lebanon - Foundation Production

Field diagnosis: Prostitution and trafficking in women in the eastern suburbs of Beirut

Created 27.04.2018

Lebanon provides a refuge for many women and teenagers driven away from neighbouring countries by wars and conflicts, as well as some who have come from other countries seeking better economic conditions. Trafficking and prostitution are...

Miscellaneous - - Euro-Mediterranean region - Foundation Production

Euro-Mediterranean Regional Dialogue on Advocacy in the Field of Gender Equality

Created 19.04.2018

This document presents the visions, priorities, challenges and recommendations resulting from the “Euro – Mediterranean Regional Dialogue on Advocacy in the Field of Gender Equality’’ which took place between 24 and 26...

Civil and political rights - Tunisia - Study / Report

Field Diagnosis: Women's Participation in Public and Political Life in Douar Hicher

Created 07.03.2018

This diagnosis analyzes the level and quality of the participation of the women of Douar Hicher (Tunisia) in public, civil and political life. It intends to understand the factors behind the exclusion of women from the management of local affairs...

Civil and political rights - Morocco - Study / Report

Field diagnosis: Women's access to positions of responsibility in the region of Souss-Massa

Created 27.02.2018

While the participation of women is decisive for the economic and social development of Morocco, their presence in decision-making positions remains weak. This diagnosis focuses on the legal, socio-economic, cultural and individual factors that...

Miscellaneous - - Euro-Mediterranean region - Article

Women's migration across the Mediterranean

Created 23.02.2018

This article looks at how the Mediterranean migration scale helps to better understand the links between social relations of sex and mobility. The study of the multiplicity of female migratory situations makes it possible to arrive at two major...

Civil and political rights - Lebanon - Article

Migration and Economic Empowerment of Women in Lebanon

Created 23.02.2018

With globalization, the mobility of people has grown, and women are essential actors in this migratory phenomenon. This article focuses on the role of women in migration and the role of migration in advancing women’s rights to achieve gender...

Health / Emotional and sexual life - Tunisia - Article

Female bodies and so-called atypical sexualities. Power and challenge of gender norms in Tunisia

Created 23.02.2018

This article focuses on the experiences of young Tunisian women who identify themselves as lesbians, and it tackles the issues of body appearance related to a marginalized and so-called atypical sexuality. Following a socio-anthropological...

Economy / Employment - Morocco - Article

Social and solidarity economy, scope and perspectives of women's empowerment in Morocco

Created 22.02.2018

Women have always been active in the economic space; but it is the occultation of their presence and the sexist discriminations that would explain their exclusion. The article intends to reflect on how a women’s solidarity economy would...

Types of Violence - - International - Article

Gender based Violence, Violence against Women. The articulation of power relations in domestic, national and international spaces

Created 07.02.2018

Feminist theories of international relations analyse power relations on a global scale and articulate the domestic, national and international spheres, believing that "realism" is a discourse that makes women invisible in politics. These theories...