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Types of Violence - France - Institutional agendas

4th inter-ministerial plan for the prevention and the fight against violence against women 2014 - 2016

Created 25.05.2017

The Third Inter-Ministerial Plan against Violence against Women had brought together a very large number of measures (61 measures), the follow-up of which had been only partially carried out before the creation of a Ministry for Women’s Rights. As...

Types of Violence - France - Study / Report

Summary of the study carried out on the violent deaths observed within couples in 2015

Created 24.05.2017

For the tenth consecutive year, the delegation to the victims has documented violent deaths within couples, for the Ministry of Interior. The report concludes that, in France, and during 2015, 136 people died, victims of their partner or former...

Health / Emotional and sexual life - France - Study / Report

Volontary termination of pregnancy: the state and the perspectives for the evolution of the information system

Created 24.05.2017

The creation of the Commission on Data and Knowledge of Abortion is part of the measures that Marisol Touraine, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, announced on January 2015, as part of the National Action Program to Improve Access to Voluntary...

Economy / Employment - France - Study / Report

The economic cost of discrimination

Created 24.05.2017

This report recalls the legal and institutional framework of discrimination and outlines the methodological options used to measure them. It offers an overview of the discrimination on the labor market in France and its evolution over the last...

Miscellaneous - France - Study / Report

Key figures on women-men inequality in priority neighborhoods and rural territories

Created 24.05.2017

An unprecedented portrait of gender inequalities affecting 10 million women and men with a double focus: Equality between women and men in these fragile territories; And equality between these inhabitants and those of other territories. The...

Civil and political rights - France - Study / Report

Report of the National Experimentation of Exploratory Marches: When Women Change the City

Created 23.05.2017

The France Médiation network coordinated a national experimentation of exploratory marches in 12 cities within the framework of the 4th interministerial plan for the prevention and the fight against violence against women. The experiment was...

Education / Professional training - France - Study / Report

How does school amplifies social and emigrational inequalities

Created 23.05.2017

The National Council for the Evaluation of the School System mobilized 22 teams of French and foreign researchers (sociologists, economists, pedagogues, psychologists) to measure and understand the scale and actual forms of social and migratory...

Culture / Sports / Leasure - - European Union - Study / Report

Women’s image in the media

Created 23.05.2017

According to the report, despite progress, women are often "invisible" or "secondary" in many French media (radio, television, press, internet). The report highlights the ever-widening gap between women’s lives today and their place and image in...

Economy / Employment - France - Statistics

Snapshot of the 2015 job market

Created 23.05.2017

In this report, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies says that the labor market in France is becoming feminized. The participation rate of women has increased by 3. 2 percentage points since 2005 to 67. 6% in 2015. That of men...

Economy / Employment - France - Study / Report

Comparative situation between women and men in the territories

Created 23.05.2017

This work of study on parity in the territorial public service proposes, from gender perspective, factual elements on various themes related to employment, trades, working conditions and career development. This report, which is based on several...

Types of Violence - - MENA region - Article

Middle-East and North Africa Women’s Network is campaigning against violence in the work place

Created 22.05.2017

During the july 28-30 workshop. 32 trade-unionists women women from nine countries of the MENA region took the initiative during the workshop held on 28-30 July 2016 to launch a new campaign to promote gender equality and Prevention of violence...

Types of Violence - France - Study / Report

Report on homophobia 2016 in France

Created 22.05.2017

In 2016, SoS homophobia published its 20th annual report on homophobia. The report finds that verbal violence and assault occur mostly in contexts related to daily life, in the family, in public places, in the neighborhood, at work and in the...