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Economy / Employment - - MENA region - Study / Report

Equality and the Economy: Why the Arab World Should Employ More Women

Created 20.12.2016

Although the MENA region has achieved a lot of progress in the field of women´s education, a huge gender gap still persists in the field of women´s economic participation, and access to employment. This briefing argues that introducing...

Types of Violence - Libya - Thematic report

Responding to GBV in countries with limited capacity- Experiences from Central African Republic, Libya, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea

Created 20.12.2016

This report highlights some experiences in responding to Gender-Based Violence (GBV), in countries with limited capacities (Central African Republic, Libya, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea). It points out what has worked in these countries...

Miscellaneous - - Euro-Mediterranean region - Article

COP 22 on Climate, an initial assessment

Created 02.12.2016

This article explains the ways in which the gender dimension has been integrated in the UN Climate Change Conferences of the Parties (COP), and the progress of mainstreaming gender in decision making and climate negotiations.   It also...

Types of Violence - Tunisia - Thematic report

Gender-based violence in the means of transport

Created 01.12.2016

This bulletin presents the various findings derived from a study focused on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in public transport in Tunisia. It explains the ways in which it discriminates women, and deprive them from their right of an equal access and...

Civil and political rights - Lebanon - Study / Report

Transformative Political Identities for Gender Equality in Lebanon

Created 01.12.2016

This study was prepared in the framework of the project LANA: Transformative Political Identities for Gender Equality in Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon´´, which focuses on individuals as change makers. The  project aims to increase...

Civil and political rights - France - Study / Report

Intermediary assessment report “Gender and Development”

Created 30.11.2016

In 2013, the French inter-ministerial committee on Foreign aid service adopted a new strategy on “Gender and Development” for 2013-2017, and commissioned the High Council for Equality between Women and Men to provide annual assessment...

Economy / Employment - France - Manifesto

Charter for Female Entrepreneurship

Created 29.11.2016

This charter, developed by the Equality Laboratory, consists of 20 proposals for advancing women's entrepreneurship. The objective of the Laboratory is to sensitize private and public decision-makers to gender equality and to promote the...

Civil and political rights - France - Study / Report

French people perception on equality between women and men in the context of the 2012 presidential elections”

Created 29.11.2016

This publication consists of an online survey carried out between the 6th and the 10th of February 2012 targeting Internet users at the age of 18 and above, among the EmailetVous Community.  The results which were obtained from a sample of...

Miscellaneous - - International - Institutional agendas

Growing-up together : Youth and the action of the United Nations

Created 29.11.2016

This brochure reflects how the United Nations system and the young people it serves are growing together. By taking stock of UN system activities related to youth development, the brochure provides a chance to assess how effectively the United...

Types of Violence - - International - Toolbox / Methodological guide

UNHCR Manual for the Protection of Women and Girls

Created 29.11.2016

This guide is a tool to change attitudes, and actively promote equality for women and men, girls and boys, and respect for women’s and girls’ rights. It replaces the 1991 UNHCR Guidelines on the Protection of Refugee Women and...

Miscellaneous - - International - Study / Report

Key elements to take into consideration when applying Paris Agreement

Created 29.11.2016

Building on the Paris Climate Accord COP22, this report sets out a series of recommendations to ensure sustainable and inclusive development. The report considers it necessary to promote equitable participatory climate change adaptation between...

Miscellaneous - Egypt - Article

In Egypt, we remove the veil

Created 28.11.2016

Despite the repressive climate placed by the regime of Al-Sissi un Egypt,  the fever for change, which was evident 5 years ago at Tahrir square, has not disappeared, particularly among young Egyptians women whose number is growing and who are...