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Civil and political rights - - International - Study / Report

SIGI 2019 Global Report: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Created 27.03.2019

Over the past decade, the Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) has consistently shown that governments need to look at discriminatory laws, social norms and practices to achieve gender equality and promote women’s empowerment. This...

Economy / Employment - Jordan - Article

Working conditions of women in factories in Jordan

Created 27.03.2019

This article looks at the working conditions of Jordanian women in the factories, taking Zarqa region where training and professional development opportunities are limited as a case study. These conditions reduce women’s chances to be...

Types of Violence - Balkans - Study / Report

Violence against women and girls among refugee and migrant population in Serbia

Created 26.03.2019

Bearing in mind that from the summer of 2015, to May 2016, more than 700,000 asylum seekers were registered in Serbia, this observational cross-sectional study aims to show the prevalence and forms of violence against women and girls refugees from...

Health / Emotional and sexual life - - International - Study / Report

Workplace stress: A collective challenge

Created 26.03.2019

This report aims at presenting trends on work-related stress in both developed and developing countries with a view to raising awareness of the magnitude of the problem in the new context of the world of work. It also explores the gender dimension...

Culture / Sports / Leasure - France - Study / Report

Observatory of Gender Equality in Culture and Communication - 2019

Created 25.03.2019

In this report, the Observatory of gender equality in culture and communication presents data covering the diversity of sectors that form the field of culture and communication: heritage, artistic creation, cinema, audio-visual sector, books, and...

Economy / Employment - France - Study / Report

The state of play of gender equality in the social and solidarity economy

Created 25.03.2019

This publication draws up a first national state of play of gender equality in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). This study compares the SSE with the rest of the economy areas, to identify its strengths and areas of improvement. The study...

Education / Professional training - France - Study / Report

Girls and boys on the road to equality, from school to higher education

Created 25.03.2019

This publication compiles a series of statistical data on the comparative success of girls and boys since entering school to entering into working life. It highlights gender differences in youth pathways and success, choice of orientation and...

Education / Professional training - - Euro-Mediterranean region - Thematic report

Strengthening the role of women in rural and agricultural areas: Obstacles and opportunities

Created 19.03.2019

Women in rural and agricultural areas play a key role in the development of the territories. Because of their role in the agricultural economy or fisheries, women are at the heart of the resilience of the most vulnerable societies. This...

Civil and political rights - Morocco - Article

Indigenous peoples'rights in Morocco: subaltern narratives by Amazigh women

Created 13.03.2019

Morocco’s 2011 Constitution affirmed the principle of equality between men and women (art. 19) and officialised the (indigenous) Amazigh language (art. 5) alongside Arabic. However, despite apparent progress in the areas of minority...

Civil and political rights - Syria - Study / Report

Syrian Women's Perspectives on Life in Turkey

Created 11.03.2019

The report sheds light on the challenges Syrian women face in Turkey and how they have evolved over time, with an emphasis on their knowledge of and access to rights and means of civic engagement, and the role of Turkish and Syrian organizations in...

Education / Professional training - Palestinian Authority - Article

Girls'Access to Education in Palestine: Focus on various Localities in Area C

Created 26.02.2019

This article focuses on girls’ access to school education in "Area C" where security and administrative authorities are under Israeli control since the Oslo Accords in 1993, including factors that lead to girls’ recurrent absences and school...

Types of Violence - Lebanon - Study / Report

SenseMaker as a Monitoring and Evaluation Tool for Gender-Based Violence Programs and Services in Lebanon

Created 25.02.2019

SenseMaker® is a mixed qualitative/quantitative data collection tool used to empower individuals to anonymously record and interpret their own stories about their experiences of accessing a GBV service. In collecting these stories,...