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Economy / Employment - - European Union - Study / Report

Eligibility for parental leave in EU Member States

Created 13.04.2021

The study provides eligibility rates for each of the Member States and an overview of the main eligibility criteria that they have set. An intersectional perspective helps to identify which groups of women and men are most disadvantaged and most...

Civil and political rights - - Euro-Mediterranean region - Institutional agendas

Mediterranean '25 Priorities and recommendations: Contribution to the renewed Mediterranean Agenda

Created 12.04.2021

This policy report presents the results, opinions and main points of the debates arising from the nearly 2,000 actors from the Euro-Mediterranean region participating in the Mediterranean +25 Initiative, thirteen conferences promoted by the...

Miscellaneous - - International - Study / Report

Feminist diplomacy, from a mobilising slogan to a real dynamic of change?

Created 07.04.2021

This document follows on from the report of the High Council for Equality entitled "Feminist Diplomacy, from a mobilizing slogan to a real dynamic of change?”, Delivered to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs and to the Minister...

Miscellaneous - - International - Study / Report

Gender and Conflict Analysis Toolkit for Peacebuilders

Created 06.04.2021

This Toolkit provides practical guidance to peacebuilding practitioners on gender and conflict analysis. It is based on Conciliation Resources’ experience in conflict-affected contexts and draws on our participatory approach to conflict analysis....

Miscellaneous - - European Union - Study / Report

Legal gender recognition in the EU The journeys of trans people towards full equality

Created 31.03.2021

This study would not have been possible without the contributions of trans individuals living across the EU, who played a crucial role in the study, as reviewers, researchers and participants in the consultation activities. The research for this...

Types of Violence - - MENA region - Study / Report

Rethinking Gender-Based Violence: Perspectives from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria

Created 26.03.2021

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in 2020, the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) in collaborationwith the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation (EMWF) organised an online...

Civil and political rights - - International - Manifesto

Young Feminist Manifesto a Bold and Transformative Vision for Change

Created 23.03.2021

This manifesto was created through a co-creative process, thanks to the dedication and persistence of the brilliant young people who are a part of the Generation Equality Forum. In the creation of this manifesto, they created participatory spaces...

Miscellaneous - - International - Bibliography

Gender Theory Syllabus

Created 19.03.2021

Gender Theory Syllabus by Alison Phipps is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4. 0 International License. The Gender Theory syllabus is based on a core module Alison Phipps developed for the Gender Studies MA at Sussex U...

Miscellaneous - - International - Study / Report

No Borders to Equality: Global Mapping of Organizations Working on Gender and Migration

Created 16.03.2021

Rising inequalities around the world, now exacerbated by the global coronavirus pandemic, heighten the need for strong, independent civil society–driven efforts to ensure rights‐based and gender‐responsive national and regional migration...

Miscellaneous - United Kingdom - Study / Report

Covid-19 and Economic Challenges for Migrant Women

Created 02.03.2021

The Spring Budget 2021 Pre-Budget Briefings on Covid-19 and economic challenges for migrant women highlights the experiences and difficulties that migrant women are facing, and proposes some public policies recommandations.  Key...

Types of Violence - Spain - Study / Report

Gender-Based Violence : Report on Catalan Statistics

Created 01.03.2021

This dossier collects a collection of official annual data for Catalonia in order to make the phenomenon visible and analyze it. The research and analysis of the data allow a more detailed approach to reality, a key point in order to ensure...

Miscellaneous - - International - Article

Gender approaches to cybersecurity: Design, defence and response

Created 25.02.2021

This report outlines the relevance of gender norms to cybersecurity. It draws on existing research, supplemented by stakeholder and expert interviews, to assess gender-based differences in the social roles and interaction of women, men and...