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Culture / Sports / Leasure - Arab League - Study / Report

The Role of Social Media in Arab Women' s Empowerment

Created 15.05.2015

This report analyses the trends in the use of social networks in the Arab world. Based on the data collected in 2011, it has observed Twitter and Facebook users in 25 countries and has focused on three main questions: What are the factors that...

Civil and political rights - - International - Statistics

Development Millennium Goals: Gender Equality and Women Empowerment: Progress Chart 2010

Created 15.05.2015

The brochure describes the status of women in the different world regions according to progress monitoring indicators concerning the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals approved in 2000: to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; achieve...

Civil and political rights - Morocco - Study / Report

Morocco: Gender and the Transitional Justice Process

Created 15.05.2015

The report examines the integration of gender issues in the transitional justice process in Morocco. Supervised by the Equity and Reconciliation Commission (IER in French), the transitional justice process is aimed at encouraging dialogue and...

Economy / Employment - Lebanon - Study / Report

Servant, Daughter or Employee? A Pilot Study on the Attitudes of Lebanese Employers towards Migrant Domestic Workers

Created 15.05.2015

This report is based on a pilot study aimed at exploring the common attitudes and practices of Lebanese employers towards domestic workers, most of whom are women. It is both a quantitative and qualitative study basedon discussion groups and...

Economy / Employment - Jordan - Study / Report

The Weakest Link: Migrant Labor in Domestic and QIZ Sectors in Jordan 2010

Created 15.05.2015

The report addresses the status of both migrant domestic workers and migrant workers in Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ). These two groups are particularly vulnerable for legislative reasons, administrative practices and the actions of their...

Economy / Employment - Jordan - Study / Report

Domestic Plight: How Jordanian Law, Officials, Employers, and Recruiters Fail Abused Migrant Domestic Workers

Created 15.05.2015

The report examines the gap between Jordanian laws concerning the rights of migrant workers, many of whom are women, and the protection measures actually adopted. This report, based on the research conducted in Jordan in 2009 and 2010, reflects the...

Economy / Employment - - European Union - Study / Report

Good Practices in Gender Mainstreaming. Towards Effective Gender Training, Mainstreaming Gender into Policies and the Programmes of the Institutions of the European Union and EU Member States

Created 15.05.2015

This publication, aimed at public servants, seeks to introduce the approach of the European Institute for Gender Equality into the collection, processing and dissemination of good practices in gender mainstreaming. It seeks to enhance gender...

Education / Professional training - - European Union - Study / Report

Structural change in research institutions: Enhancing excellence, gender equality and efficiency in research and innovation

Created 15.05.2015

This report introduces the measures taken by certain research institutions to attract women into research and innovation. It analyses the progress achieved in legislation, participation and politics, and emphasizes the importance of the role of EU...

Education / Professional training - - European Union - Toolbox / Methodological guide

Toolkit Gender in EU-funded research

Created 15.05.2015

This toolkit seeks to offer advice to researchers to enhance gender equality in research. The objective is to make researchers more sensitive to the gender dimension in science by helping them to remove sexist prejudices in research projects and...

Culture / Sports / Leasure - - International - Manifesto

London 2012 Olympics: Justice for Women

Created 15.05.2015

The brochurepresents the seven demands of the group "London 2012 for the implementation of the Olympic Charter". Its objective is to remind the International Olympic Committee that its first mission is to implement the principles of equality and...

Civil and political rights - Arab League - Study / Report

Diversity and Female Political Participation: Views on and from the Arab World

Created 15.05.2015

This report focuses on the political participation of women within the huge diversity of the Arab world: how have the views and political experiences of women contributed to the democratization of Arab societies? What are the roles of Islam and...

Economy / Employment - - Europe - Study / Report

Untapped Potential. European Foundation Funding for Women and Girls

Created 15.05.2015

The survey reviews the philanthropic activities of European foundations, in particular the nature of their action, their priorities in terms of funding or the sectors targeted. In order to understand the extent and diversity of European funding...