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Education / Professional training - - European Union - Study / Report

Structural change in research institutions: Enhancing excellence, gender equality and efficiency in research and innovation

Created 15.05.2015

This report introduces the measures taken by certain research institutions to attract women into research and innovation. It analyses the progress achieved in legislation, participation and politics, and emphasizes the importance of the role of EU...

Education / Professional training - - European Union - Toolbox / Methodological guide

Toolkit Gender in EU-funded research

Created 15.05.2015

This toolkit seeks to offer advice to researchers to enhance gender equality in research. The objective is to make researchers more sensitive to the gender dimension in science by helping them to remove sexist prejudices in research projects and...

Culture / Sports / Leasure - - International - Manifesto

London 2012 Olympics: Justice for Women

Created 15.05.2015

The brochurepresents the seven demands of the group "London 2012 for the implementation of the Olympic Charter". Its objective is to remind the International Olympic Committee that its first mission is to implement the principles of equality and...

Civil and political rights - Arab League - Study / Report

Diversity and Female Political Participation: Views on and from the Arab World

Created 15.05.2015

This report focuses on the political participation of women within the huge diversity of the Arab world: how have the views and political experiences of women contributed to the democratization of Arab societies? What are the roles of Islam and...

Economy / Employment - - Europe - Study / Report

Untapped Potential. European Foundation Funding for Women and Girls

Created 15.05.2015

The survey reviews the philanthropic activities of European foundations, in particular the nature of their action, their priorities in terms of funding or the sectors targeted. In order to understand the extent and diversity of European funding...

Civil and political rights - Arab League - Article

What Women Say: The Arab Spring & Implications for Women

Created 15.05.2015

This brief deals with the political developments and status of women in the countries of the Arab world in transition and seeks to highlight certain trends that are threatening fundamental aspects of democracy and equality in the region, notably the...

Education / Professional training - - Euro-Mediterranean region - Study / Report

Education for Development and Citizenship: How to Integrate Gender in its Actions?

Created 15.05.2015

This pedagogic guide aims tostrengthen the capacities of the agents working in the sector of international solidarity to integrate gender in their advocacy, education and development cooperation projects. Thus, this document seeks to facilitate...

Civil and political rights - Maghreb - Study / Report

Women' s Human Rights in the Maghreb through Strategic Use of the Marriage Contract. Research-Action among Local Authorities on the Use of Marriage Contracts

Created 15.05.2015

This report forms part of an initiative aimed at promoting human rights and legal women' s rights through the strategic use of the marriage contract. This project seeks to raise awareness among women of the importance of the clauses stipulated in...

Civil and political rights - Arab League - Article

Women, Politics, Revolution and Power

Created 15.05.2015

During the Arab uprisings, an unprecedented number of women went on the streets, opening the way for a more important role in politics. However, in the following transition period they must fight against their exclusion from the political scene....

Economy / Employment - France - Study / Report

Parental leave and Professional Career of Mothers - Survey among 3,000 women with fewer than two children and the youngest born in 1998

Created 15.05.2015

This survey conducted, by the Research Centre for the Study and Monitoring of Living Conditions (CREDOC in French), focuses on women who have taken full-time or part-time parental child-rearing leave. The parental child-rearing leave enables...

Culture / Sports / Leasure - Maghreb - Toolbox / Methodological guide

Women and Media in the Maghreb: A Guide Aimed at Civil Society to Improve the Portrayal of Women in the Maghreb Media

Created 15.05.2015

This awareness-raising and training guide is aimed at civil society actors. It outlines the state of play of the portrayal of women in media productions in the Maghreb and provides several examples of negative portrayal of women in media products....

Culture / Sports / Leasure - - Euro-Mediterranean region - Toolbox / Methodological guide

Handbook of Good Practices to Combat Gender Stereotypes and Promote Equal Opportunities in Film, Television and Theatre in Europe

Created 14.05.2015

This handbook features over 50 good practices divided into the following sections: establishment of qualitative and quantitative objectives; gender equality in the gestation and promotion of a management sensitive to the gender dimension; the...