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Civil and political rights - Spain - Book

Learning from Other Andalusian Women: the Path to Equality

Created 29.05.2015

This book was conceived as support material for equality education aimed at professionals from education centres, notably secondary schools. The work pays tribute to women who have achieved high level positions in the private and institutional...

Civil and political rights - Spain - Statistics

Women and Men in Spain in 2010

Created 29.05.2015

This fifth edition of the publication "Women and Men in Spain" provides a summary of the most pertinent indicators in the social, economic and political fields with a view to enhancing awareness of gender differences in society. This publication...

Health / Emotional and sexual life - - Europe - Study / Report

Current status and directions for advancement of sexual and reproductive health and rights in Central and Eastern Europe

Created 29.05.2015

The aim of the publication is twofold: it summarizes the workshop “How to address threats to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in Central and Eastern Europe”, which took place in 2011 in Warsaw, and presents the current...

Civil and political rights - Sweden - Institutional agendas

JÄMI: A Swedish Commission for Gender Mainstreaming

Created 29.05.2015

In July 2008 the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research was commissioned by the government to set up a programme called JÄMI to support government agencies in their work on gender mainstreaming. The objective of this report is to present the...

Types of Violence - - International - Statistics

Violence against Women Prevalence Data: Surveys by Country

Created 29.05.2015

This resource presents data available for 86 countries on the prevalence of physical and sexual violence against women, forced sexual initiation and violence during pregnancy. The matrix refers to both the violence exercised by intimate and/or...

Civil and political rights - Sweden - Institutional agendas

Preventing the Forced Marriage of Young Girls: The Action Plan of the Swedish Government

Created 29.05.2015

In Sweden, marriage may not be entered into without the valid consent of both people. Nevertheless, many young people are worried that they will not be allowed to choose their own partner or spouse. The Swedish Government has therefore adopted an...

Economy / Employment - - European Union - Study / Report

Professional Gender Equality in the Civil Service

Created 28.05.2015

This report is based on the understanding that, despite several measures favouring professional gender equality, inequalities persist in the pay levels as well as in women’s access to executive positions in the public office. After having...

Civil and political rights - Arab League - Thematic report

Gender Quotas and Parliamentary Representation

Created 28.05.2015

This double issue of the journal Al-Raida focuses on gender quotas. It analyses the controversy over gender quotas and their effectiveness through research articles from various parts of the Arab world in order to compare the different experiences...

Civil and political rights - Croatia - Conference proceedings

Gender Equality Conference. Conference Proceedings

Created 28.05.2015

Croatia joined the Community programme Gender Equality in 2006 signing a memorandum of understanding, which resulted in holdingan International Awareness Raising Conference about EU Policies and Legislation on Gender Equality held in Zagreb on 31...

Civil and political rights - Croatia - Legal text

Act on Gender Equality

Created 28.05.2015

This act lays down a general framework for the protection and promotion of gender equality as fundamental values of the Republic of Croatia. It is aligned with the provisions of international rules in force, as well as the European directives...

Civil and political rights - Lebanon - Study / Report

Cases of Femicide before Lebanese Courts

Created 28.05.2015

This study sheds light on several crimes committed against women and girls in the family framework in Lebanon. It provides understanding of the background and circumstances surrounding these crimes and the manner in which these cases are dealt with...

Economy / Employment - France - Study / Report

Is the National Police Force Still a Men' s Job?

Created 28.05.2015

This study focuses on the feminization of the national police and examines the obstacles to access the related careers (training, competitive examination) in the different bodies (technical and scientific police, patrolmen, officer, superintendent,...