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Civil and political rights - - Europe - Study / Report

How Could the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) be implemented in the EU legal framework?

Created 28.05.2015

The Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) is the main international legal instrument to make recognition of the exercise of the fundamental women' s rights advance in the political, economic, social, cultural,...

Civil and political rights - Tunisia - Institutional agendas

Review of the Reports Submitted by the State Party Members in Application of Article 18 of the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Fifth and Sixth Periodic State Party Reports: Tunisia

Created 28.05.2015

Tunisia ratified the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 1985 by virtue of Law no. 85-68 of 12 July 1985. This report forms part of the framework of reports that the Tunisian government must periodically...

Civil and political rights - Arab League - Study / Report

The Strategic Use of Gender Quotas in the Arab World

Created 28.05.2015

One of the controversial and efficient tools for the promotion of women in the political field is the gender quota. This document explores all the incentive measures regarding the adoption of gender quotas in Middle East and North Africa...

Civil and political rights - Algeria - Study / Report

Knowing Women' s and Children' s Rights in Algeria

Created 27.05.2015

This summary comes from a study, based on two surveys, one on adults and another on youths (14 to 17). It seeks to compare their knowledge, attitudes and opinions about the values of equality by differentiating the men' s and women' s perspectives....

Civil and political rights - - International - Study / Report

Because I am a Girl: The State of the World' s Girls 2011 - So, what about boys?

Created 27.05.2015

"Because I am a Girl" is an annual report published by Plan International examining the rights of girls in the world. Although women and children are recognized as belonging to specific categories in terms of politics and planning, the particular...

Education / Professional training - - Europe - Conference proceedings

Girls and Boys in Science and Technology, a European and Planetary Challenge

Created 27.05.2015

This document reviews the symposium organized on 15 November 2008 by the Association Femmes et Sciences and the Association for Parity in Scientific and Technical Jobs. This symposium explored the situation of women in scientific and technical jobs...

Education / Professional training - - Europe - Study / Report

Public Consultation on the Future of Gender and Innovation in Europe: Summary Report

Created 27.05.2015

From the perspective of the European GenderEquality Summit 2011, genSET and the European Social Fund launched a public consultation on the future of equality and research in Europe. More than 300 individual and institutional responses from 42...

Economy / Employment - United Kingdom - Study / Report

Women on Boards April 2013

Created 27.05.2015

This report addresses the obstacles preventing women from achieving managerial positions in the companies, including on corporate boards. On this occasion, the study notes the growing number of women in decision-making positions and reviews the...

Economy / Employment - United Kingdom - Study / Report

Women on Boards February 2011

Created 15.05.2015

This study examines the representation of women on corporate boards in the United Kingdom and issues a series of recommendations aimed at increasing the number of women on the boards, for instance, by encouraging the FTSE companies (100 best British...

Economy / Employment - - International - Study / Report

The Global Gender Gap Report 2011

Created 15.05.2015

TheGlobal Gender Gap Report 2011, launched by the World Economic Forum in 2006, is a framework that explains the scope of the gender-based disparities and monitors their evolution. The report compares the gender gaps between different countries at...

Education / Professional training - - International - Study / Report

Global Education Digest 2011: Comparing Education Statistics Across the World

Created 15.05.2015

Secondary educationrepresents a critical stage as it links the school system to the labour market. This is why it plays an important role in the creation of egalitarian societies and the enhancement of economic growth. From this perspective, this...

Civil and political rights - - MENA region - Study / Report

Mapping Young Scholars' Research on Women in Public Life in the MENA Region: A State of the Art Report

Created 15.05.2015

This report summarizes the projects and recent publications on research into the role of women in public life in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). It brings together the work of young scholars from this region, carried out in the...