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Types of Violence - Lebanon - Study / Report

Online Privacy Threats to Women and LGBTIQ Communities in Lebanon

Created 17.12.2019

This research study documents the state of digital privacy for women and LGBTIQ individuals in Lebanon by cataloguing online threats reported in national media outlets over 5 years and using a series of interviews with NGO employees, who explain the...

Economy / Employment - Lebanon - Study / Report

A study of the Employers of Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon: Intertwined

Created 11.12.2019

This study focuses on the critical role of employers in recruiting and managing the employment relationship within the current normative framework of Lebanon. Over 250,000 migrant women are employed by private households in Lebanon to carry out...

Civil and political rights - - Euro-Mediterranean region - Article

Women as Key Players for Mediation, Peace and Security

Created 10.12.2019

In 2000, the UN recognized the role and responsibilities of women at the centre of the international security agenda. As nowadays most conflicts affect civil society, especially women and children, women must be seen as actors who can provide...

Miscellaneous - - Euro-Mediterranean region - Article

The Portrayal of Women as a Social Construction of Reality in the Press of Mediterranean Countries

Created 04.12.2019

Based on two pieces of research carried out at the Autonomous University of Barcelona’s Prospective and Research Laboratory in Communication, Culture and Cooperation (LAPREC), this article analyses how the press in the Mediterranean region,...

Types of Violence - Algeria - Article

Challenges and progress in the fight against violence against women in Algeria

Created 02.12.2019

 Violence against women (VAW) exists around the world. It affects the physical and mental health of women, limits their control and enjoyment of their own bodies, their ability to participate in society and their presence in public spaces. In...

Civil and political rights - Morocco - Study / Report

The Status of Black Moroccan Women: Colour and Gender Stigmas

Created 26.11.2019

This paper investigates the status of black Moroccan women, not just as key members of the society, but as a social category subject to doubled stigmatization for being women and black. The study also examines the various forms of discrimination...

Miscellaneous - Spain - Thematic report

Feminisms (s) - Issue 47 of IDEES Magazine

Created 26.11.2019

IDEES is an online magazine on contemporary issues edited by the Centre for Contemporary Studies of the Government of Catalonia. Its 47 issue entitled "Feminisms(s)" intends to explore feminisms in all their complexities and questions the...

Types of Violence - Albania - Study / Report

National Population Survey: Violence against Women and Girls in Albania 2018

Created 20.11.2019

Following the first and second national surveys (2007, 2013) which focussed only on domestic violence, the present Survey collects for the first time, data on the nature and prevalence of other forms of violence: dating...

Types of Violence - Turkey - Study / Report

Turkey: Women and Domestic Violence

Created 20.11.2019

In Turkey, as in many other countries around the world, hundreds of thousands of women are daily victims of human rights violations. Between one-third and one-half of Turkish women are reported to be victims of physical violence in their families....

Civil and political rights - - MENA region - Article

MeToo and the History of 'Hashtag Feminism'in the MENA Region

Created 13.11.2019

The #MeToo movement has evolved into a unique, intersectional feminist social media campaign, calling for the public sharing of sexual assault and harassment testimonies to illustrate the commonplace experience of sexual violence against women. It...

Economy / Employment - - MENA region - Article

Women's Economic Empowerment: An Overview for the MENA Region

Created 13.11.2019

This article provides an overview of women’s economic empowerment in the MENA region. It aims to contribute to available knowledge through: first, providing an overview of women’s economic empowerment in the region in selected labour...

Civil and political rights - - MENA region - Article

Social Transformation in a Digital Age: Women's Participation in a Civil and Political Domains in the MENA Region

Created 13.11.2019

This article explains how women’s use of new media technologies, cyberactivism, citizen journalism, and their self-organization contribute to and reflect the social and political changes that have occurred in the region in recent years. It is...

They are registered on the platform of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation

Helwan Association for Community Development (Bashayer)
The Moroccan Human Rights Forum
Center for Women's Studies in Islam (CERFI)
The Lebanese Association of Women Researchers - Bahithat
Women'  s Studies Center (WSC)
Université d'  Alger III
International Center for Rights and Freedoms (ICRF)
Abou Fadhl Mohamad Bahlouli
Liberated T
Adina Mocanu
Morgan Sigl Fertilhanges
Femmes pour le Dire, Femmes pour Agir (FDFA)
Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration
Aswat Nissa
Mediterranean Network against Trafficking Women (MNATW)
Oxfam Intermon Maroc
Trajectories for Peace and Development
Youth Capacities Development Association-Biskra (YCDB)
Association Tazghart
National Broadcasting and Television Society - SNRT
Jazeera Media Network
Jawhara Association
Youth Empowerment Society - YES
Bremen University
Amadal Presse
Portuguese Association of Women in Legal Careers
Women and Leadership
Center for Research in Applied Economics for Development-CREAD
Association pour le Droit à la Différence (ADD)
Palestinian Bar Association (PBA)
Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality
Mediterraneo Sociale
Young Men Christian Association (YMCA)
Women'    s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC)
Mother's School Association
Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS)

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