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Types of Violence - Algeria - Study / Report

Field diagnosis: Violence against women in Algeria - Focus on Oran

Created 26.07.2017

Violence against women (VAW) is a pervasive problem in Algeria as elsewhere in the world. It affects all social classes and regions and occurs both inside the home and in the public sphere. Yet, the issue remains largely invisible due to social...

Education / Professional training - International - Study / Report

Out in the open: Education sector responses to violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression

Created 20.07.2017

This report summarizes the main findings of the global review. It aims to give an overview of the most up-to-date data on the nature, scope and impact of violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression and of current action. It...

Economy / Employment - France - Study / Report

Employment of women with disabilities

Created 12.07.2017

This report demonstrates how women with disabilities encounter difficulties and discrimination in access to employment and in their careers because they are women, because they are handicapped, but they also encounter inequalities and specific...

Types of Violence - France - Article

First study on violence against women living in rural areas

Created 12.07.2017

The idea of this unprecedented study comes from Words of Women of the city of Gaillac, an association specializing in the care for women victims of violence and as its President, Elisabeth Fournier, explains "this work was important to us." This...

Economy / Employment - Multi-country - Study / Report

Feminization and firms’economic and social performance

Created 12.07.2017

This study has been conducted in the framework of a convention between the IPP and the French State Secretary in charge of women’s rights. It relies on statistical data from the Direction de l’Animation de la Recherche et des...

Culture / Sports / Leasure - France - Study / Report

Gender equality Observatory in culture and communication

Created 07.07.2017

This report provides a quantitative picture of men and women in culture and communication. Established on the basis of administrative data collected in the central administration and in the bodies under the Ministry of Culture and Communication, it...

Economy / Employment - European Union - Study / Report

The European Union engages in work and private life balance

Created 07.07.2017

On 13 September 2016, the European Parliament adopted a resolution encouraging the European institutions and the Member States to commit themselves to promoting a balance between private and professional life. Promoting this helps to achieve greater...

Miscellaneous - France - Study / Report

CEDAW Regards de Femmes shadow report

Created 07.07.2017

Regards de femmes submitted this report to the UN Committee of Experts on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) during the examination of France’s report of the 64th session (July 2016 UN Geneva). The NGO calls on France to...

Culture / Sports / Leasure - France - Article

Girl’s veiling: a major health and development risk

Created 07.07.2017

Societal indifference regarding this abuse is unacceptable. Is it with the argument of tolerance or cultural relativism, by cowardice or racism, that little girls of Muslim descent would not be untitled the right to State protection? Regards de...

Culture / Sports / Leasure - France - Article

Let women direct places and be free to choose their own programs

Created 07.07.2017

Women’s position in the cultural community was questioned during the October 2016 general Assemblies organized by Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes H-F Collective in Lyon. And debates have overflowed on the position women generally hold in the public space...

Culture / Sports / Leasure - France - Study / Report

Report-Mission on gender equality in performing arts

Created 04.07.2017

This report was elaborated by a  mission whose objective was to carry out a complementary study of the existing work on the collection and analysis of data available in the sector, published each year in the Observatory on Gender Equality in...

Civil and political rights - International - Study / Report

Harnessing the Power of Data for Girls: Taking stock and looking ahead to 2030

Created 04.07.2017

Data tell us that the lives of girls today are better in many respects than those of preceding generations. Girls are now more likely to survive childhood, more likely to attend school and complete their education, less likely to be undernourished...