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Culture / Sports / Leasure - France - Toolbox / Methodological guide

Booklet to accompany the exhibition ’Feminine Migrations. A century of stories in France’

Created 20.06.2017

Génériques offers an illustrated booklet around the exhibition " Feminine Migrations. A century of stories in France "which deals with the place of these women in the national history. The exhibition focuses on the realities...

Culture / Sports / Leasure - France - Article

Music: where are the women?

Created 20.06.2017

Discrimination acts against women in music are countless and they are only beginning to be evoked in the public sphere. It is a regrettable parenthesis of cultural history which is not common in other forms of art. The numbers speak for themselves.

Culture / Sports / Leasure - Middle East - Article

Women of power but invisible and unspeakable for ultra-orthodox Judaism

Created 20.06.2017

The article is a brief reminder of the extreme attitude of ultra-orthodox judaïsm with respect to the images of women who are not allowed to appear in a newspaper. 

Civil and political rights - Jordan - Study / Report

Field diagnosis: Women’s participation in municipal councils in Irbid

Created 15.06.2017

This diagnosis gives an overview of women’s participation in municipal councils in the region of Liwa Al Koura, in Irbid. It builds upon discussions and consultations with NGOs and local leaders, women members of municipal councils (elected or...

Types of Violence - France - Study / Report

Information report on the evaluation of anti-violence measures within couples

Created 15.06.2017

The report which provides 13 recommendations, shows that progress is still needed in order to ensure the consistency throughout the country of existing procedures, to continue the training of professionals, to strengthen the monitoring of...

Types of Violence - France - Study / Report

Information Report on Women and Minors Victims of Human Trafficking

Created 15.06.2017

The report which includes 21 recommendations, highlights the recent state of public policy against human trafficking  and shows that, following the first national action plan, progress is still needed to: improve the governance of this policy ,...

Miscellaneous - France - Conference proceedings

Conference Act: Associations : women engage!, March 31 2016, at Luxembourg Palace

Created 15.06.2017

The seminar allowed several women to testify on their path and the functions they have inside different associations, more specifically those in favor of the protection of the environment. Through these women, the seminar that took place on the 31st...

Civil and political rights - France - Study / Report

2nd Interim Evaluation Report on Gender and Development

Created 15.06.2017

This interim report corresponds to the evaluation of the implementation of the 2013-2017 Gender and Development Strategy in 2015. This evaluation is carried out annually by the High Gender Equality Council, as invited by the Interministerial...

Economy / Employment - France - Study / Report

Women and vehicles: A challenge for combating insecurity, vocational training and deconstruction of stereotypes

Created 15.06.2017

This Senate Women’s Rights Delegation’s information report puts forward some explanations and 13 recommendations to promote women’s mobility, diversity and professional equality in the automobile sector and eradicate stereotypes...

Miscellaneous - France - Study / Report

Gender studies: Science in service of real equality

Created 09.06.2017

On 11 October 2016, the National Assembly adopted this report drafted by Ms. Maud Olivier, MP and member of the delegation for women’s rights, on gender studies. What is gender, how does it help to better understand gender inequalities, their...

Types of Violence - France - Study / Report

Opinion for a fair societal and judicial conviction of rape and other sexual abuses

Created 09.06.2017

Nearly 100,000 rapes are perpetrated every year: a multiplication of "miscellaneous facts" or a real social problem? On October 5th 2016, the French High Council for Gender Equality published and handed over to the Minister of Families, Children and...

Economy / Employment - France - Thematic report

Enabling women and men to articulate work and family life

Created 09.06.2017

To change the gendered representations of the role of men and women in the professional and personal spheres, the Observatory on Corporate Social Responsibility has developed a fun brochure designed to promote genuine mixing in work and in the...