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14.05.2015 / Created by (EMWF)


In accordance with the Article 10 of the Act 34/2002, of 11th July, on the Information Society and e-Commerce Services (LSSICE), we put at your disposal the following general information and the identification details of the institution holding the Euro-Mediterranean Women’s Foundation’s website (hereafter, the Foundation) -

Holder: EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF THE MEDITERRANEAN. Address: 20, Girona Street. 08010 Barcelona. E-mail: Telephone: +34 Fax: Tax code: Q-0801161-A.

1. Website general conditions of use

The European Institute of the Mediterranean (hereafter, the IEMed) informs you that the access and use of the website and all the subdomains or directories therein, as well as the services or the contents that may be obtained through it, are subject to the terms and conditions detailed in this Legal Notice, notwithstanding that access to some of these services or contents may require acceptance of some additional general conditions.

Thus, if you do not agree with the considerations detailed in this Legal Notice, please do not use the website because any use of it or its services and contents will involve the acceptance of the legal terms and conditions included in this text. The terms and conditions included in the present Notice can vary and, therefore, we invite you to revise them when you visit the website again.

The IEMed reserves the right, at any moment and without prior notice to the users, to modify, expand or temporarily cancel the presentation, configuration, technical specifications and services of the website, as well as to make changes with the aim of updating, correcting, modifying, adding or removing the contents of the website or its design. The contents and services of the website are periodically updated. Given that the process of updating information is not immediate, we recommend that you always check the validity and the exactitude of the services and contents included on the website.

2. General description of services offered by the website

The website is dedicated to building a wide network among equality actors in the Euro-Mediterranean region, exchanging information on gender and women’s rights in the public domain, concretely in the Documentary Centre (such as, documents, resources and shared practices), promoting the work of the Foundation (through publications, news and events), as well as disseminating projects supported by the Foundation.

The website also offers an Intranet’s service designed to bring together six Networks: associations, research and training, Media, local and regional authorities, ministerial departments as well as enterprises and unions, working for gender equality and women’s rights. Accordingly, this private space offers to the members of the Network of Networks of the Foundation the opportunity to publish, exchange and share information (such as documents, shared practices, calls and opportunities, news and events), to create group discussions, to comment and to find potential professional collaborations.

The Intranet of the Foundation is available for free to all members of its Network of Networks with Internet access. All costs related to Internet’s use remain responsibility of the users. However, the use of services and features of the Intranet requires creating an account, and providing information to identify the user. Access to the Intranet is reserved for the members of the Network of Networks of the Foundation after logging in through their usernames and passwords.

By entering the Intranet, they agree to provide accurate, complete, real and current information. Registration involves providing personal and/or professional information; such as names, surnames, physical addresses, phone numbers and e-mails. The information inserted must be cited according to the standard format of the website. Members of the Network of Networks have available an “Intranet User Guide” in English, Arabic and French that explains and details how to use the tools of the Intranet effectively. The administrator of the website validates each registration within a maximum period of four weeks and an e-mail will be sent to the members of the Network of Networks of the Foundation with a username and a password after the initial log in. Passwords are strictly personal and confidential and users agree to keep them secret and not disclose them in any form whatsoever to third parties. Using the log in and password through the Internet is at their own risk. It is incumbent on members of the Network of Networks to take all necessary precautions to protect their data against any intrusion.

Members of the Network of Networks, who have been registered in the Foundation’s website, assume personal responsibility for conducting their own business. Therefore, everyone is responsible for all claims and/or procedures brought against the IEMed, regardless the form and nature, which may be directly or indirectly connected to the content posted on the website.

The IEMed allows any material published on the Intranet by the members of the Network of Networks, to be visible in the public domain, as long as it is considered for the general interest. All the information received on the website is considered to be surrendered to the IEMed free of charge. Thus, information that CANNOT be considered in this way must not be sent. Similarly, the member of the Network of Networks is responsible for maintaining all the information provided to the IEMed permanently updated so that it corresponds, at each moment, with the current situation of the user. In any case, the member of the Network of Networks will be solely responsible for false or inaccurate statements made and the potential damage to the IEMed or to third parties.

3. Rules of use of the Intranet

The Foundations’Intranet is an open space where all members of its Network of Networks are invited to actively participate. By posting information and content such as photos, documents comments or news on the Intranet, everyone is making a contribution to the dialogue on women’s rights in the Euro-Mediterranean region. To achieve such goal, the IEMed moderates the usage of the published content. Whenever possible, information provided by the members of the Network of Networks must be real and personally verified by them. All content posted remains the sole responsibility of the author and will not involve the IEMed. The members of the Network of Networks wishing to post information on the Intranet, to be exchanged and shared, are considered to fully accept without any reservation these terms of general usage.

The Internet is a medium whose ergonomics imposes certain conventions that facilitate the reading of messages. To maintain proper standards, contributors are, therefore, urged to avoid writing in all capitals and ensure correct spelling and syntax before posting information. The members of the Network of networks must maintain the collective nature of the exchanges and ensure that discussions are constructive and all subjects are addressed in their greatest manner. The entries must be expressed with courtesy and mutual respect. Each member of the Network of Networks is solely responsible for backing up content stored on the website. If the service is suspended or terminated, the IEMed reserves the right to permanently delete the data from its servers. The IEMed is not required to return the data once the service is suspended or terminated. Deleted data may be unrecoverable.

4. Content management

Although it is an ideal space to exercise individual and collective freedom of expression, no message promoting illegal activities is permitted. Thus, it is obligatory to observe some basic rules of conduct for the well-functioning of the website. Consequently, the following is not be permitted:

- Insults or any message that incites violence.- The use of this forum for commercial or advertising ends.- Content with attacks and innuendo based on race, religion, ethnic origins, gender or sexual orientation;- Insults, threats, harassment and defamatory statements on individuals (physical or moral);- Obscene content, and insulting, abusive or pornographic material;- Any hyperlink whose destination would involve obscene, abusive, or pornographic content in breach of the Spanish law;- Any content that promotes anorexia and suicide, the manufacture and use of explosives and terrorism;- Any content that violates the rights of third parties including copyright and related rights, trademark law, law applicable to databases, to image rights or the right to respect privacy, and more generally, any content that violates any law or regulation currently in force in Spain;- Photographs that do not adhere to the rules of decency and morality currently in force.

In the event of detecting any of the aforementioned conducts, the IEMed reserves the right to intervene in the control and supervision of the opinions published in the forum and decide, if appropriate, to remove the comments or opinions or other materials contravening the aforementioned rules. Moreover, the IEMed reserves the right to remove any opinions or comments that may be offensive.

The IEMed is not responsible for any political, religious or ideological ideas published in the website or for the statements expressed by the members of the Network of Networks. Moreover, the IEMed is not responsible for their opinions or the personal data provided concerning itself or third parties.

5. Privacy policy

The IEMed is the organisation responsible for the data files generated from personal data provided by the users of the website and the online platforms in which the IEMed directly participates (which includes,,, and Euromed Survey of Experts and Actors).

The users authorise the IEMed to use their personal, postal and electronic data with the objective of disseminating relevant information or considered of interest.

The IEMed commits to fulfil its obligation of secrecy concerning the personal data and right to confidentiality. To this end, the IEMed will adopt the measures necessary to avoid its alteration, loss and unauthorised processing or access. The IEMed maintains personal data protection levels and has established all the technical means within its field to avoid the misuse or theft of data provided by the users.

Moreover, the IEMed also informs you that it has an automated database with personal data (telephone numbers, addresses and e-mails) as well as a documentation archive. The objective of its creation, existence and maintenance is the processing of personal data to achieve the IEMed’s statutory objectives.

By clicking the box of acceptance of the privacy policies, concerning both the IEMed’s website content and the online platforms in which it directly participates as well as by expressly validating the sending of the forms located on this website and other platforms, users and subscribers give their legitimate consent so that their surrendered personal data is treated in accordance with the aims described in the privacy policies and, in this respect, implies the express acceptance by the users and subscribers of the automated and documentation processing of the data included in the aforementioned database.

The purposes of the processing of the data requested are those strictly necessary for the correct identification of the sender and for the undertaking of the basic tasks of management, provision, enlargement and improvement of the services requested at each moment by users and subscribers.

Specifically, the surrender of personal data will have the following purposes:

  • Manage the register as a user on the online platforms owned by the IEMed (;,,; and Euromed Survey of Experts and Actors). However, each user or subscriber will have to give his/her consent and previously validate his/her registration on each platform.
  • Manage the periodical sending of newsletters and news related to the institutional website of the IEMed and the online platforms in which the IEMed directly participates.

The categories of the data processed are the following:

  • Personal data: name, surname, postal address, electronic address, postal code, telephone, town, etc.
  • Data on personal characteristics (data of birth, gender, etc.)
  • Opinion data (preferences, cultural interests, opinion on Euro-Mediterranean policies, civil society, migrations, etc.)
  • Transit and localisation data.
  • Electronic communications metadata.

The data that appears on the forms of the website of the IEMed and the online platforms indicated with an asterisk (*) will be compulsory and must be completed in order to comply with the purposes of personal data registration. Thus, if the user decides not to provide it, it will be not possible to register him/her on the website of the IEMed or on the platforms it directly manages and, consequently, it will not be possible to deal with his/her request.

The IEMed and the online platforms in which it directly participates can contact their users and subscribers by several means: electronic mail, postal mail, SMS, automatic notifications and within the application, through the social networks and by telephone, but only with his/her prior consent. We want to ensure that you agree to receive communications from us.

The processing of the data of users and subscribers of the IEMed and of the different online platforms in which it directly participates is legitimised by the consent of the person interested, requested in each case.

The processing of the data to send electronic newsletters with news related to the Euro-Mediterranean field and/or the online platforms managed by the IEMed, the production of anonymous statistical reports on the habits of access and the activity of the users on the website are based on the legitimate interest of the Institute in undertaking this processing in keeping with prevailing regulation.

The authorisations obtained with the aforementioned purposes are separate and, therefore, the user can revoke one or more of them and this specific revocation does not affect the others.

The personal data can be communicated from the countries located outside the European area, including countries that do not have a data protection level comparable to that of the European Union. However, in these cases, the IEMed undertakes to process the data in strict compliance with European and Spanish legislation.

The IEMed will never sell your personal information to any person and will only share it, as described in the privacy policy, with the websites and online platforms in which the IEMed directly participates. This access to personal information is limited to the members of the IEMed staff that need it, and all staff understands how the personal information is protected and why we use it.

The IEMed will only share personal information with external providers of services when it is strictly necessary and they will only have access to the personal information necessary to provide the services contracted. In any case, they will be required to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information which they access and cannot use it other than for the purpose stipulated and always in agreement with the current privacy policy.

The IEMed will store the data during the time necessary to undertake the purposes for which it was compiled, unless the user asks to be removed, expresses opposition or withdraws his/her consent.

The user is entitled to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, data limitation and right to data portability by writing to c/Girona, 20, 08010, Barcelona, or by e-mail to In the case of subscriptions to the different newsletters, he/she can also withdraw through the option specifically created on the different platforms or at the bottom of the newsletter email.

The IEMed reserves the right to modify the current privacy policy and adapt it to the new legislative, jurisprudential or interpretative developments of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. In this case, the IEMed will announce these changes, clearly indicating in advance the amendments made, by requesting, where appropriate, acceptance of these changes.

6. Intellectual property

Both the design of the website and its source code, such as logos, brands and other distinctive signs that appear in it, belong to the IEMed or its partner entities and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights. Likewise, the pictures and other graphic elements contained on the website are also protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights, and their reproduction, modification, distribution or manipulation is prohibited.

The total or partial reproduction of the texts provided by the website is authorised, as long as their integrity is maintained and the Foundation is quoted as the information source. The licence for usage is limited to the downloading by the user of such content for private use, as long as the aforementioned contents remain unaltered. Consequently, its use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other similar or analogous activity are totally prohibited except with the express authorisation of the IEMed.

The IEMed states its respect for the intellectual and property rights of third parties that may appear on this website. In this respect, it acknowledges that they are NOT the property of the IEMed but they belong to their respective owners and, consequently, the IEMed recognises the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights of their owners. Thus, if you consider that this website may be violating your rights, please contact the IEMed.

7. Cookie policy

The IEMed works with cookies. Cookies are files sent to the search engine through a web service with the aim of recording the user’s activities during their navigation time so that it is easier to work. They are also used to measure the audience and traffic parameters and control the process and number of entries.

The option to save usernames and passwords of the members of the Network of Networks of the Foundation requires the activation of a session cookie. Thanks to cookies, the IEMed can improve the user’s access and navigation. This file allows the session to remain permanently connected without having to re-enter the username and password every time the user logs in.

Users can configure their search engine to be notified of the reception of cookies and impede their installation in their computer. For further information, please consult the instructions and manuals of your search engine.

It is not necessary for the users, or the parties acting on their behalf, to allow installation of the cookies in order to use the website. However, users have to initiate a session in each of the services whose provision requires prior registration. In any case, the cookies are temporary with the sole purpose of making the services more efficient.

The cookies used are only linked anonymously to the users’ computers, and they do not provide personal data.

8. Links or hyperlinks

The IEMed provides the users access to other websites that may be for their interest, according to the Foundation’s mission. However, these pages do not belong to the IEMed who does not revise their contents. Therefore, the IEMed cannot be responsible for the operation of the linked page or the possible damages that can derive from its access or use. The user assumes exclusive responsibility for the consequences, damages or actions that may derive from accessing the linked websites.

The users that intend to establish a hyperlink between their website and the Foundation’s must take into account the following:

In any case, the establishment of the hyperlink does not involve the existence of relations between the IEMed or its partner entities and the owner of the website in which it is established, or the acceptance and approval of its contents or services.

The IEMed is not responsible for and does not guarantee the quality, exactitude, liability, correction or morality of the contents or services that the hyperlinks may provide. The user takes exclusive responsibility for the consequences, damages or actions that may derive from the access to the hyperlinks’websites.

9. Frames

The IEMed expressly prohibits the making of "framings" or the use by third parties of any other mechanisms that alter the design, original configuration or contents of its website.

10. Usage statistics

The IEMed informs you of the use of the Google Analytics tool on the website for exclusively statistical purposes.

11. Unilateral termination of service

The IEMed reserves the right to deny access to the Intranet.

The website has, in principle, an infinite duration. However, the IEMed may unilaterally suspend and terminate service to the members of the Network of Networks, if necessary without prior notification in case of emergency, without the IEMed being subject to any obligation or compensation.

The IEMed is not responsible for the damages that may occur due to faults or bad configurations of the software installed on the Internet user’s computer. No responsibility will be taken for any technical problem or fault that may arise when the user connects to the Internet. Likewise, the non-existence of interruptions or errors in access to the website is not guaranteed.

Moreover, the IEMed reserves the right to update, modify or remove the information contained on its website, as well as its configuration or presentation at any time, without assuming responsibility for it.

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The law applicable in the event of a dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms and conditions comprising this Legal Notice, as well as any issue related to the services of the present website, will be the Spanish law.

For the resolution of any conflict that may arise from the visit to the website or the use of the services that may be provided thereon, the IEMed and the user agree to submit to the Judges and Courts of Barcelona for possible civil or administrative claims according to the Law 30/1992 of 26 November on the Legal System of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure.