Documentary centre


10.05.2015 / Created by (EMWF)

The exchange and dissemination of knowledge and practices linked to gender equality favour the development of a shared culture of equality. However, although there is a great deal of information online, it is highly dispersed and often difficult to access.

The Documentary Centre seeks to provide access to this knowledge and these practices: it compiles and summarises the documentation and experiences available on gender-related issues in all spheres of life. The Documentary Centre does not seek to replace the existing websites-resources but rather to shed light on the documents, experiences, websites and actors themselves.

Once shared, this information will enable the equality actors to know and analyse what has already been done elsewhere in order to inspire and strengthen their own actions. To this end, the Documentary Centre encompasses documents, shared practices, resources and the Foundation’s publications. In addition, the Documentary Centre lists the websites-resources linked to gender issues, the associations working on equality and gender as well as the institutions and organisations with a department focusing on gender equality and the media.

The Documentary Centre of the Foundation is, therefore, a powerful lever to promote knowledge and practices for gender equality. It is a place of reflection focused on action.