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Queer Feminist Perspectives on Political Homophobia and Anti-Feminism in the Middle East and Europe

01.09.2021 / Created by (EMWF)

This two-day digital conference aims to bring together researchers, activists, and community organizers to discuss how discourses on gender and sexuality have evolved in the Middle East and Europe amid the rise of far-right and authoritarian movements.

There are three main objectives of our conference:

  • To situate far-right and authoritarian actors in their respective socio-historical contexts;
  • To discuss how political homophobia and anti-feminism have developed as core ideological elements of the far-right in a local and transregional framework;
  • To shed light on local, transregional, and global responses to homophobia and anti-feminism in the respective regions.


  • Event type : Conference / Debate / Forum
  • Location : Online
  • Start date : 24/09/2021
  • End date : 25/09/2021
  • Start time : 12:00


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